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2007-12-09 Israel-Palestine-Jordan
Muslim gunmen target Christian in Gaza
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Posted by Fred 2007-12-09 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10795 views ]  Top
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#1 A big bullseye is painted from heaven on Gush Katif right now.
Posted by newc">newc  2007-12-09 01:00||   2007-12-09 01:00|| Front Page Top

#2 why do they stay? Leave and don't even take the time to look back or you will turn into salt. Go.
Posted by Whomong Guelph4611 2007-12-09 03:40||   2007-12-09 03:40|| Front Page Top

#3 What Whomong said.
Posted by Excalibur 2007-12-09 08:01||   2007-12-09 08:01|| Front Page Top

#4 I'm surprised they are still there.
Posted by DarthVader">DarthVader  2007-12-09 08:57||   2007-12-09 08:57|| Front Page Top

#5 why do they stay?

It is their home. They were there before the 'slums.
Posted by Glomoque Prince of the Swedes6689 2007-12-09 09:16||   2007-12-09 09:16|| Front Page Top

#6 It is their home. They were there before the 'slums.

I know you are right, and I can understand if they are just too old and they would rather die there. But die they will. It reminds me of that old man who stayed in his home when Mt. St. Helens was going to explode. He died on the mountain. And that was ok for him, if that was his own wish, but these people have families. When the forest fire or the mud-slide is raging your way, it's time to give it up and go. It's not a battle you can win. JMHO.
Posted by Whomong Guelph4611 2007-12-09 11:28||   2007-12-09 11:28|| Front Page Top

#7 why do they stay?

To witness their faith.

Christ may have said to turn the other cheek, but he surely didn't say to run away like a scared child. Nor did he do so when the time came to be tested and set an example.

This may be true martyrdom, not the muzzie version that includes murdering others to gain some heavenly reward from a perverted god. This is making a statement on earth and leaving God's will to be done as H would have it done. The history of early Christendom is resplendent with examples and it is their strength that eventually brought Rome to Christ.

They should be in the prayers of all Christians this and every day as they are in mine.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2007-12-09 11:47||   2007-12-09 11:47|| Front Page Top

#8 But with very rare exceptions, muslim persecution of the relatively few Chrisitans remaining in the Holy Land receives scant attention the worldwide MSM. 60 Minutes did a piece last Sunday evening on the plight of continued Christian persecution in Iraq, but you're hard pressed to find the Christian pov being told in the MSM. The MSM is generally loathe to bring to light the plight of Christians throughout the Middle East.

The only way I can imagine reversing the current state of affairs would be if the headline were changed to read: Christian Gunmen Target Muslims in Gaza. THAT story would get 24/7 airplay throughout the world. Sort of a "man bites dog" story.
Posted by Mark Z 2007-12-09 13:35||   2007-12-09 13:35|| Front Page Top

#9 #8 But with very rare exceptions, muslim persecution of the relatively few Chrisitans remaining in the Holy Land receives scant attention the worldwide MSM.

"Scant attention" in Africa as well.
Posted by Besoeker 2007-12-09 14:01||   2007-12-09 14:01|| Front Page Top

#10 I understand martyrdom (true martyrdom, not the splodydope kind) for one's faith. I understand being a witness.

But the ones with families should leave. I'd take them all on refugee visas to the U.S.
Posted by Steve White">Steve White  2007-12-09 14:16||   2007-12-09 14:16|| Front Page Top

#11 A Christian still living in Gaza needs to receivea complementary copy of Who Moved My Cheese.
Posted by Super Hose 2007-12-09 14:22||   2007-12-09 14:22|| Front Page Top

#12 You fear death.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2007-12-09 14:22||   2007-12-09 14:22|| Front Page Top

#13 Don't we all.

Most people are trying to create a future for their children. A CHristian family would have a better future in Yodok thatn they would in Gaza. In an encounter with Monty Hall any sane resident of Gaza would not have to worry about a clunker being behind door number two.
Posted by Super Hose 2007-12-09 15:04||   2007-12-09 15:04|| Front Page Top

#14 Nimble if they stay because they feel they have been called to witness their faith, then they have my prayers, my respect and I only wish I could possess an ounce of their strength.

However, it is important to remember that many times in the Bible God had His people leave wicked lands before He destroyed the wicked.

They need to do what is in their hearts and I'm not the judge of that. However, I would never think to ask someone else to stay and die in such a hoplessly wicked place.
Posted by Whomong Guelph4611 2007-12-09 15:59||   2007-12-09 15:59|| Front Page Top

#15 Nor should anyone ask another to do it.

But think about what you would do if the muzzies took over the government controlling the land your family had lived on for generations before they came and generations after. No easy answer, but they have my respect either way.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2007-12-09 16:20||   2007-12-09 16:20|| Front Page Top

#16 agreed. Those who stay to do God's work are true saints.
Posted by Whomong Guelph4611 2007-12-09 16:26||   2007-12-09 16:26|| Front Page Top

#17 You know what I wish. I wish we could get all of the Christians in the ME and Africa to trade places with our "enlightened elites". Since the "enlightened elites" believe all cultures are equal and that they need only understand and dialog, then they should be happy there, should they not?

I can dream, can't I?
Posted by Whomong Guelph4611 2007-12-09 16:48||   2007-12-09 16:48|| Front Page Top

#18 To witness their faith.

Posted by g(r)omgoru 2007-12-09 21:27||   2007-12-09 21:27|| Front Page Top

#19 Is Gaza near colorado springs?
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2007-12-09 22:33||   2007-12-09 22:33|| Front Page Top

#20 I'm surprised they are still there.

Most of them aren't. Christians used to comprise 20% of the Palestinian population. It's down to something like 5% now, and not due to significantly different birth rates, as far as I'm aware. The ones who stay are the ones who can't get out, or who are afraid to leave everything they know, no matter how life-threatening. The Gaza Strip has always been poor and backward -- the current situation under Hamas is only more of the same. These Christians are dhimmis, in a way that the West Bank Christians of Bethlehem, etc have not been until recently, protected by the pilgrim trade as they were.
Posted by trailing wife">trailing wife  2007-12-09 23:02||   2007-12-09 23:02|| Front Page Top

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