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2007-11-27 Fifth Column
Ron Paul's "noninterventionism" fraud
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Posted by Mike 2007-11-27 07:57|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6473 views ]  Top

#1 Non-intervention comes from laziness and fear.

Too damn lazy to do foreign relations even national security outside the borders. Like Bush says "its hard work".

To fearful of exposing the weakness of being lazy and non-confrontational. Relying strictly on defense and internalization is what has led to collapse of many societies.
Posted by Jack is Back!">Jack is Back!  2007-11-27 09:56||   2007-11-27 09:56|| Front Page Top

#2 Non-interventionism can also come from disgust with the world. I'm not a non-interventionist but part of me is and that part grows every day. The part of me that says pulling back will only work for a while, then we have another big nasty bloodbath like WW2 wins out every time. So far. But I tell you the disgust has grown much faster during the War on Terror. Much faster.
Posted by rjschwarz 2007-11-27 11:41||   2007-11-27 11:41|| Front Page Top

#3 Lots of folks out there using labels on themselves that simply aren't accurate.

Andrew Sullivan calls himself an "economic conservative who is a social liberal", and it turns out that he is, when all is said and done, a leftist and social anarchist who doesn't like paying taxes.

Ron Paul calls himself a libertarian, but it turns out that he is an anarchist who indulges in the leftist "blame America first" mentality.

W calls himself a conservative, but engages in Keynesian economics.

Hillary Clinton pitches herself as a moderate Democrat but her policies consist of the worst and most far left (redundant?) parts of the New Deal and the Great Society, with some of the ugliest parts of postmodernism thrown in for extra flavor.

We need a better truth detector when it comes to labels.
Posted by no mo uro 2007-11-27 18:08||   2007-11-27 18:08|| Front Page Top

#4 I think America is suffering under the delusion that it is the best and most moral country and can there for police and govern the less moral countrys. I will admit that there are times were that is called for but in this case the whole situation was brought up by the stupid desision to try to help a suffering country overthrow its evil dictator. That just showed that things are never so bad they cant get worse.
Posted by Evan">Evan  2007-11-27 18:09||   2007-11-27 18:09|| Front Page Top

#5 Which country that was trying to overthrow its evil dictator did America help, Evan?
Posted by trailing wife">trailing wife  2007-11-27 18:13||   2007-11-27 18:13|| Front Page Top

#6 I will admit that there are times were that is called for

Gee, it's so nice of you to admit that.

Have a cookie.
Posted by Pappy 2007-11-27 18:33||   2007-11-27 18:33|| Front Page Top

#7 American overthrows less moral countries? As far as I can tell the Netherlands is not on any serious defense department lists, neither is Thailand. I think you need to reevaluate your terminology.

The US does not like people slaughtering their own people. Sometimes we do nothing about it, and that confuses people, and other times we come down upon the dictator like the hammer of God. This randomness causes many dictators (such as Chavez and Zimbabwae's Bob) from going to the extremes they otherwise might because they don't know what the triggering mechanism is. THat works for me as it's cheaper than taking out every dictatorship and keeps the slaughter down.
Posted by rjschwarz 2007-11-27 22:59||   2007-11-27 22:59|| Front Page Top

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