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2006-02-08 Syria-Lebanon-Iran
Syrian ex-VP, Muslim Brothers team up against Assad
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Posted by Seafarious 2006-02-08 13:07|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6483 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 The Ex just lost all his credibility. That kind of regime change won't wash.
Posted by Ulimble Shoth9170 2006-02-08 13:21||   2006-02-08 13:21|| Front Page Top

#2 I do hope Mr. Khaddam didn't leave many relatives behind when he ran away to Paris. Young Master Assad may not be ruthless enough to make them pay for such a statement, but there are plenty of relics from his father's time who have no such scruples, especially when their own futures are at stake.
Posted by trailing wife 2006-02-08 14:32||   2006-02-08 14:32|| Front Page Top

#3 I read somewhere that Muslim brotherhood was amung those that incited the riots. Perhaps Baby Assad was being set up, rather than the force behind the riots in Syria.
Posted by rjschwarz 2006-02-08 14:51||   2006-02-08 14:51|| Front Page Top

#4 I knew it didn't bode well when the French were the ones makeing progress on this mess.
Posted by 2b 2006-02-08 15:14||   2006-02-08 15:14|| Front Page Top

#5 khaddems always been a rough character from what I can gather. In fact hes probably at least as bad as the MB. Still strange bedfellows.

I have a hard time believing MB could pull off the embassy burnings without the approval of the sec forces. And of course we saw embassy attacks in Lebanon, which makes it even odder to put it on the MB instead of Syrian intel.
Posted by Liberalhawk 2006-02-08 15:26||   2006-02-08 15:26|| Front Page Top

#6 "More than 70 percent of Syria's 18 million population are Sunni Muslims."

But that includes Kurds, who are mainly Sunnis, but who are NOT MB supporters. Just as in Iraq, you have to qualify the religion stats with the ethnic ones. If you group the Kurds with the non-Sunnis, you find Syria is almost 50% minorities, and the Sunni ARABS are a bare majority.
Posted by Liberalhawk 2006-02-08 15:28||   2006-02-08 15:28|| Front Page Top

#7 No surprise here. The MB represents Sunni Arabs and is probably the only functioning organization that does. What is significant is that the Kurds are not signing up.
Posted by phil_b">phil_b  2006-02-08 16:26||]">[]  2006-02-08 16:26|| Front Page Top

#8 Posters who point the finger at MB for the toon-jihad are dead on. When MB#1 - Qaradawi - issued his now infamous "wrath" fatwah on his Al-Jazeera TV program, that is when the nastiness began.
Posted by Ulimble Shoth9170 2006-02-08 16:29||   2006-02-08 16:29|| Front Page Top

#9 Time for a little red-on-red action.
Posted by Mike 2006-02-08 16:35||   2006-02-08 16:35|| Front Page Top

#10 I can't help but think about what Jackal said a while back... something to the effect of,

"You lie down with dogs, you wake up on short attention span theater."
Posted by Phil 2006-02-08 17:13||   2006-02-08 17:13|| Front Page Top

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