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2003-10-10 Iraq
US told to avoid main Shia area in Baghdad
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Posted by Steve 2003-10-10 3:52:53 PM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [446 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Ahhhh second again! Damn you Steve! ;-)
Posted by Frank G  2003-10-10 3:59:38 PM||   2003-10-10 3:59:38 PM|| Front Page Top

#2 Bwwwhahahahahaha!!! The Army of Steve™ is everywhere!
Posted by Steve White  2003-10-10 4:06:31 PM||   2003-10-10 4:06:31 PM|| Front Page Top

#3 Ah, The Frank-Steve Bandwidth Wars...
Posted by Alaska Paul 2003-10-10 4:10:02 PM||   2003-10-10 4:10:02 PM|| Front Page Top

#4 Does the Army of Steve have thousands and thousands of "holy places" to defend from the infidels?
Posted by tu3031 2003-10-10 4:16:59 PM||   2003-10-10 4:16:59 PM|| Front Page Top

#5 Sounds like they are mistaken....

I think its time we showed them what seven tanks surrounding and firing on a compound can do.

Then we can ask them '... is that what you saw?' pointing to the smoking ruins.

More likely a 'product' of a bomb making factory exploted prematurely.....
Posted by CrazyFool 2003-10-10 4:25:54 PM||   2003-10-10 4:25:54 PM|| Front Page Top

#6 "Does the Army of Steve have thousands and thousands of "holy places" to defend from the infidels?"
Indeed we do, I have to stop at one and pick up a case of "holy water" on the way home. I plan on doing a lot of worshiping this weekend.
Posted by Steve  2003-10-10 4:27:05 PM||   2003-10-10 4:27:05 PM|| Front Page Top

#7 tu3031, In a signed commentary, Rodong Sinmun reports that the inestimable (5'1"? 5'2"? Hard to tell with all the mousse) Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il has announced that PRK is replacing their army-based policy with a new "Steve-based policy". Juche and cookies will be served later in the rec room.
Posted by Seafarious 2003-10-10 4:27:46 PM||   2003-10-10 4:27:46 PM|| Front Page Top

#8 Shia in the south can turn out significant crowd when they have to. Shia in Baghdad are another issue. It sounds to me like Iranian troublemakers have shifted from the Shia south (where they had little luck charging up the people) to Shia Baghdad where they might ahve more luck.
Posted by Yank 2003-10-10 4:28:15 PM||   2003-10-10 4:28:15 PM|| Front Page Top

#9 In order to establish authority, a proper police force needs to be in place and performing the task of keeping order. This "militia", with its obvious religious affiliations, is only going to be a source of problems.
Posted by Bomb-a-rama 2003-10-10 5:13:59 PM||   2003-10-10 5:13:59 PM|| Front Page Top

#10 Sounds like it's urban renewal time in Baghdad. Somebody tell the Buffs to start cranking up.
Posted by Old Patriot  2003-10-10 7:42:39 PM|| []  2003-10-10 7:42:39 PM|| Front Page Top

#11 Well, this is the situation of the biggest gorilla of the jungle sitting in the middle of irritated monkeys in and around Iraq. The gorilla has to roar very loud to get some peace and quite.
Posted by SK 2003-10-11 5:23:03 AM||   2003-10-11 5:23:03 AM|| Front Page Top

#12 Mr al-Sadr has been a thorn in our side for months now -- seems like he's finally gotten bold enough with the authorities lack of response to kick it up a notch--maybe he needs to have an "accident"
Posted by Not Mike Moore 2003-10-11 11:59:15 AM||   2003-10-11 11:59:15 AM|| Front Page Top

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