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2012-11-01 -Election 2012
Willard set to win, maybe by a mile - Michael Graham, Boston Herald
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Posted by Besoeker 2012-11-01 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [307 views ]  Top

#1 Fuck no, it's not over til it's over. Worse than the media, trying to "win" the guessing game by being the first to "predict" the outcome.
Posted by gromky 2012-11-01 00:18||   2012-11-01 00:18|| Front Page Top

#2 Show me a convincing lead in Ohio and Virginia and I buy it. Not before.
Posted by European Conservative 2012-11-01 01:22||   2012-11-01 01:22|| Front Page Top

#3 Mitt's set to win! No need for you republicans to vote anymore. Stay home and watch TV!

I'm not buying it.
Posted by CrazyFool 2012-11-01 08:01||   2012-11-01 08:01|| Front Page Top

#4 Quote the blog father here:

Posted by AlanC 2012-11-01 08:43||   2012-11-01 08:43|| Front Page Top

Posted by Hupock Ulavitle5159 2012-11-01 09:08||   2012-11-01 09:08|| Front Page Top

#6 A little advice from the trainers. When you take an objective you keep pushing beyond it to prevent the opponent from regrouping and counter-attacking.
Posted by Procopius2k 2012-11-01 09:20||   2012-11-01 09:20|| Front Page Top

#7 I remember my high school gym coach pounding into us that you run THROUGH the tape, not TO it. Same principle.
Posted by Glenmore 2012-11-01 09:50||   2012-11-01 09:50|| Front Page Top

#8 Romney is running hard until the end.
Posted by JohnQC 2012-11-01 10:05||   2012-11-01 10:05|| Front Page Top

#9 Everything said here about pushing through the end is doubly true for the down ticket races. Getting Mitt over the finish line won't be nearly as much fun as taking back the Senate, padding the House majority with real conservatives and landing 33 governorships.

But to make that happen everyone needs to give a maximum effort, even in places where the presidential election is not competitive.
Posted by Iblis 2012-11-01 10:13||   2012-11-01 10:13|| Front Page Top

#10 We need to win as big as possible. O is not going to take losing lightly. He and his minions are likely to contest anything he can construe as close. He will blame any loss of votes on Sandy inhibiting early voter opportunities creating a lack of fairness or any other ridiculous excuse he can think of. And that's just immediately after the election. If O loses we'll probably still need a crowbar to get him and his significant other out of the WH in January. All those exec orders that sound like martial law scare me.
Posted by warthogswife 2012-11-01 15:59||   2012-11-01 15:59|| Front Page Top

#11 I'm with you hogswife. This thing could turn quite ugly. I don't trust any of them.
Posted by Besoeker 2012-11-01 16:18||   2012-11-01 16:18|| Front Page Top

#12 We're set to hit the debt ceiing again at the end of Dec., during the lame duck session. Failure to raise it (by passing both houses of Congress and signed by the pres) will result in default and global finanical meltdown. I wonder if Ogabe, having lost the election, would see any reason not to punish America for rejecting him.
Posted by RandomJD 2012-11-01 18:15||   2012-11-01 18:15|| Front Page Top

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