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Mehsud, 40 aides killed, says Turkistan
Baitullah Mehsud and 40 of his aides were killed in the US drone strike last Wednesday, and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief was buried in his house, a rival group's leader claimed on Sunday.

Abdullah Mehsud Group commander Haji Turkistan Bhitani told several private TV channels that suicide attack trainer, Qari Hussain, was also seriously injured in the attack, APP reported. He claimed that Waliur Rehman and Hakeemullah, two contenders for Baitullah's position, had also been killed, along with several aides, during a clash over the leadership during a Taliban shura meeting. Bhitani claimed that differences between TTP members were intensifying, predicting the organisation would cease to exist within a month, Online reported.
Haji Turkestan is also the guy who said Baitullah was a Zionist agent bought and paid for by the CIA. I think his lips fell off many years ago.

Baitullah Meahsud The end of a Zionist collaborator
Yesterday, the evil Zionist top mouthpieces media outlets, CNN, BBC, and FoxNews, etc. gloated justifiably that Pakistan's most crazed wanted Taliban leader, Baitullah Pretty Boy Mahsud, has been zapped killed by a US Hellfire missile. It suppose know that could be used an excuse to prove that Pretty Boy Baitullah Mahsud was not a CIA, MOSSAD and RAW asset, as claimed by Mahsud's former lover close but not that close aide, Haji Turkistan Betani on Pakistan TV Geo News another Zionist outlet. Haji also claimed deliriously that Pretty Boy Baitullah Mahsud got Morticia Benazir Bhutto assassinated for his American, Israeli and Indian lovers masters.

Qari Zainuddin, an Afghan Taliban thug boy commander, rejected Baitullah Mahsud as a crazed killer Mujahid based on later's pretty boy looks un-Islamic activities and said in the telephone interview from a Reuters safehouse that Afghan Taliban has pledged obedience nothing to do with Baitullah Mahsud and his crazed followers. Qari also made up out of whole cloth claimed that Pretty Boy Baitullah Mahsud had wads of cash delivered by close contacts with Juice Israeli and Hindoooz Indian officials -- and that he was sleeping with misguiding Muslim youth who are so easily swayed after all to target Pakistani camp followers civilians and weapons depots mosques as part of his collaboration with fight against the so-called Pakistan ineffectual government.

The full color pictures of some hard boyz terrorists turned into meat killed by Pakistan Army as cover for the ISI in Swat prove that they were infidels non-Muslim terrorists hired by the evil Juice US, Britain and Hindooz India to distablize not that it would be hard and eventually break-up the Land of the Pure Pakistan -- the only Muslim so-called nation with primitive nuclear weapons. The charred bodies of these dead dead dead terrorist show that they're really really dead uncircumcised. Their partial facial features prove that they could be Kashmir Muslim separatists Nepalese Gurkhas from Indian or British Armed forces -- or Uzbek Muslim terrorists recruited by al-Qaeda members of pro-US Northern Alliance Army Mafia trained and armed by the Special Forces US and Juice Israel.

After the ineffectual Pakistan Army confirmed that the arms it delivered to captured from terrorists in Swat and FATA -- are nothing but the best American made -- the evil Dick Cheney Washington was quick to gloat cover its smart dirty game against both anti-Israel Pakistanis -- by saying that some of its arms given to our favorite warlord Karzai puppet government in Kabul have been sold on the black market reached in the hands of "Pakistani Taliban" fighing Islamabad. How convenient, yewbetcha eh!

Washington has a long history of getting rid of its foreign collaborators, once they served American interests and a smart policy that is -- Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), King Reza Shah (Iran), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Ahmad Chalabi (occupied Iraq), Manuel Noriega (Panama), Gen. Pervez Musharraf (Pakistan), Anwar Sadaat (Egypt), Yasser Arafat (occupied Palestine), Afghan Mujahideen, Taliban (Afghanistan), Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Gen. Zia ul-Haq (Pakistan), Zulifqar Ali Bhutto (Pakistan) -- to name a few and don't forget the banana republic caudillos.

The kooky diatribe words of wisdom from Pakistan's first of many losing military leader, Field Marshal in his own mind Ayub Khan: "The United States is unable to give assistance to whacked out military leaders people in the developing countries on the basis of mutual respect since we don't ever get any in return. Americans don't know how to be friends with thugs and not masters".

Why does Zainuddin want to kill Baitullah?
[The News (Pak) Top Stories] The sudden projection and tall claims of an anti-Baitullah Mehsud militant leader from South Waziristan, Qari Zainuddin Mehsud, have created many questions in the diplomatic circles of Islamabad.

In interviews to various media organisations on Thursday, Qari Zainuddin and his deputy Haji Turkistan had alleged that Baitullah was an American and Indian agent, he had killed Benazir Bhutto and that the real Jihad was going on in Afghanistan, not in Pakistan. Many diplomats contacted Foreign Office and Interior Ministry officials as well as media persons, seeking answers to their questions. Some Western diplomats were particularly confused over the claim that Baitullah was an American agent and that he had killed Benazir Bhutto. These diplomats were asking a question that if Baitullah was involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, does that mean that the American authorities were also involved in the conspiracy.

An East European diplomat also asked that on one side President Asif Zardari visited the Nato headquarter in Brussels while on the same day the Pakistani establishment allowed Qari Zainuddin to speak to the media, defending Jihad against Nato troops in Afghanistan.

Qari Zainuddin had claimed in an interview that he had developed differences with Baitullah after the death of Abdullah Mahsud. However, the story of the real differences between the two is full of allegations and revelations. According to some sources very close to Qari Zainuddin, the Pakistani establishment wanted to kill Abdullah Mehsud because he was involved in the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers. The establishment hired the services of Baitullah in 2005 against Abdullah, who had spent 23 months in Guantanamo. Abdullah was finally killed on July 24, 2007 in Zhob. Close aides of Abdullah alleged that Baitullah had helped security forces in tracing him. One Masoodur Rehman Mehsud had once alleged that Baitullah had killed Abdullah. In the meantime, Baitullah killed Masoodur Rehman through a remote control bomb in South Waziristan.

These tribal elders see no difference between Baitullah and Zainuddin. They fear that the establishment had first used Baitullah against Abdullah, and now they were using Zainuddin against Baitullah and ultimately both of them would be killed.
Qari Zainuddin is the elder son of Masoodur Rehman Mehsud and he has decided to take revenge for the murder of his father.

He is heading the Abdullah Mahsud Group. He is a former Khasadar (member of the tribal police) and active in Shakai area of South Waziristan. He killed Yahya, the younger brother of Baitullah Mehsud, on October 27, 2008 in Bannu. In retaliation, Baitullah killed a close aide of Qari Zainuddin, Muhammad Yousuf, on October 29, 2008 in Tank area.

Zainuddin recently contacted some Mehsud tribal elders but most of them are reluctant to cooperate with him. They question that if Abdullah was killed by Pakistani security forces then why the leader of his group was cooperating with the establishment? These tribal elders see no difference between Baitullah and Zainuddin. They fear that the establishment had first used Baitullah against Abdullah, and now they were using Zainuddin against Baitullah and ultimately both of them would be killed. They also fear that Qari Hussain will replace Baitullah as the new Taliban commander.

Many Mehsud tribal elders were contacted by the political administration of South Waziristan, seeking help for Qari Zainuddin. One tribal elder had reportedly told an official of the administration: "Don't fool us. President Zardari is assuring cooperation to Nato and you are asking us to cooperate with a person who is asking us to go and fight Nato in Afghanistan".

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