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Air base blast near Sebha kills at least ten
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-Lurid Crime Tales-
High School student arrested for playing 'knockout game'
[KFVS12] HAMDEN, CT - A Hamden High School student has become a victim of a brutal trend known as the "knockout game."

A male senior was walking in the halls of Hamden High School on Friday when police said a student "ran toward him and punched him under the eye."

Because of the assault, the senior suffered an eye injury. The victim's injuries are not life-threatening.

The senior told police that he did not know who had hit him and never talked with him. However, a short time later, the high school resource officer located the alleged suspect. He told the high school resource officer "it's a game he and his friends play."

The 15-year-old student was arrested and charged with third-degree assault. He is expected to appear in juvenile court in New Haven on Dec. 9.

In the "Knockout Game," an unsuspecting person is attacked for no apparent reason. Police said that the suspects are not robbing the victims, with the most common being the elderly and women.

"Disgusting, I don't see the fun in it, or the point of it," said Susan Mappa, who is a mother of Hamden High School student.

Violent episodes are playing out randomly across the streets of America including six victims in New Haven.

"You wanna play the game, then you're going to pay for it," Mappa said.
I believe in justice, not vengeance, but there's something appealing about giving the victim a couple free swings at the perp...
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6464 views] Top|| File under:

#1  No, the victim shouldn't be be the responder. They're usually chose as someone who couldn't fight back anyway. It needs to be someone out of the blue, when the violator doesn't expect it.
Like another inmate in the jail.
Posted by: ed in texas || 11/29/2013 11:56 Comments || Top||

Gardner R. Hathaway, CIA chief of counterintelligence, dies at 88
Posted by: Besoeker || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6463 views] Top|| File under:

#1  RIP spook.
Posted by: JohnQC || 11/29/2013 12:39 Comments || Top||

-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Quake near Iran 'nuclear' plant kills 7, injures 30
[Al Ahram] A 5.7 magnitude earthquake on the Gulf coast near Iran's sole nuclear power plant killed seven people and injured 30 on Thursday, emergency response chief Hassan Qadami told state media.

"So far, there are seven dead and 30 injured receiving hospital treatment," the official IRNA news agency quoted Qadami as saying.

The quake's epicentre was near Borazjan, around 60 kilometres (35 miles) from Bushehr, where Iran has its Russian-built reactor.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6464 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Iran

#1  Testing 1,2,3
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 11/29/2013 9:24 Comments || Top||

#2  Modest HAL upturn this morning, probably just a coincidence.
Posted by: Besoeker || 11/29/2013 9:27 Comments || Top||

#3  Them darn Jews are at it again! Even during Hanukkah, wont they ever take a break. You do know the Jews can control earthquakes and the rain!!!
Posted by: 49 Pan || 11/29/2013 10:03 Comments || Top||

#4  it's not the earthquake it's the fallout.
Posted by: AlanC || 11/29/2013 11:31 Comments || Top||

#5  It's a sign. From allen. He doesn't want them to have nukes.

BTW, why would allen need nukes?
Posted by: Bobby || 11/29/2013 11:34 Comments || Top||

#6  An M5.7 kills people in Iran? What happens when a real earthquake occurs? Bam! That's what happens.
Posted by: Alaska Paul || 11/29/2013 12:50 Comments || Top||

#7  There have been no earthquakes >2.5 magnitude in the Gulf area that occurred in the last couple of days according to usgs, a USA agency that tracks such things. Could be an industrial accident or ahem, an induced "accident."
Posted by: JohnQC || 11/29/2013 13:06 Comments || Top||

#8  It the boys over at Accidents "R" Us playing their silly games again...
Posted by: 49 Pan || 11/29/2013 13:25 Comments || Top||

#9  Bam! That's what happens.

Uh uh. I c wut u did thar
Posted by: Shipman || 11/29/2013 14:28 Comments || Top||

#10  They're playing with that darn HAARP machine again. I'm sure it was just an accident it was pointed at the Nuc plant.
Posted by: BrerRabbit || 11/29/2013 14:50 Comments || Top||

#11  Speak softly and carry a big Haliburton.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 11/29/2013 16:32 Comments || Top||

Africa North
Defendants accused of raping, killing 5-year-old girl
[Egypt Independent] Top prosecutor Hesham Barakat has referred two defendants to the criminal court, accused of raping and murdering a 5-year-old girl in Port Said.

Zaina Arafa, a pre-school child from Port Said, northeast of Cairo, was thrown away from the eleventh floor of her building to her death, allegedly by the two defendants after raping her.

The girl knew the defendants, Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud and Alaa Gomaa Ezzat, as they were the her neighbor and her doorman.

Prosecution says the defendants lured Arafa to the rooftop to play together, then raped her in rotation, and finally threw her from the rooftop.

The forensic report mentioned that the victim suffered from fractures in her skull, limbs, face and neck as a result of falling from a high altitude. The report confirmed the girl was sexually assaulted before being thrown.

The public prosecutor's report said an air conditioning on the third floor was partially damaged as a result of the collision of the child's body while falling down.

The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood filed a complaint on Sunday to the Prosecutor General, demanding to investigate the rape and killing of the girl.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6457 views] Top|| File under:

Africa Subsaharan
Central African ex-rebels seize on chaos to loot, pillage
[Pak Daily Times] The motley crew of fighters who overthrew the Central African Republic's government in March are raging beyond their leader's control, terrorising civilians and pushing the country toward civil war, analysts say.

The Seleka rebels -- a loose band of veteran snuffies who picked up mercenaries, robbers and an assortment of other violent men on the way -- have continued their rampage despite being officially dissolved by the man they installed as president, Michel Djotodia. What started as a movement to oust then-president Francois Bozize has gone off-script, the mostly Mohammedan Seleka fighters burning and pillaging villages, the majority Christian population responding with their own militias that have themselves killed innocent Mohammedans in reprisal.

"These gangs are taking advantage of the situation to carry out raids and massacres. Villages are being burnt and looted. The residents are either killed or flee to the bush," said Jean-Marie Fardeau, director of Human Rights Watch
... dedicated to bitching about human rights violations around the world...
's French office.

La Belle France, the Central African Republic's former colonial ruler, said Tuesday it would send about 1,000 soldiers to bolster its current mission of 410 troops and help a struggling African mission to stabilise the country. La Belle France has also proposed a United Nations
...an idea whose time has gone...
Security Council resolution authorising international troops to use force to stop ongoing atrocities. The rebels' transformation into common criminals has been increasingly visible in recent weeks in the capital, Bangui.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6461 views] Top|| File under:

Women driver ban guards against evil: Saudi top cleric
[Al Ahram] The grand mufti of Soddy Arabia
...a kingdom taking up the bulk of the Arabian peninsula. Its primary economic activity involves exporting oil and soaking Islamic rubes on the annual hajj pilgrimage. The country supports a large number of princes in whatcha might call princely splendor. When the oil runs out the rest of the world is going to kick sand in the Soddy national face...
said a ban on women driving in the conservative Gulf state protects society from "evil", in remarks published in the press on Thursday.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, in a speech delivered Wednesday in the western city of Medina, said the issue of giving women the right to drive should not be "one of society's major concerns".

The kingdom's most senior holy man called for "the matter to be considered from the perspective of protecting society from evil" which, according to him, included letting women drive.

His comments came as activists said they had been assured by Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef that authorities were reassessing the controversial Saudi ban on women drivers.

"Rest assured that the issue is being discussed, and expect a good outcome," the minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday by Aziza al-Yusef, who met him along with fellow activist Hala al-Dosari.

The absolute monarchy is the only country in the world where women are barred from driving, a regulation that has drawn condemnation from the international community.

Prince Mohammed stressed that the ban was "a matter to be decided by the legislative authority", Yusef told AFP.

Saudi Arabia has an all-appointed consultative Shura Council, with no elected parliament. The council makes recommendations to the government, but the king remains the absolute politician.

"We expect a royal decree that gives us this right," Yusef said.

At least 16 women were stopped by police during a driving protest day last month, and were fined and forced along with their male guardians to promise to obey the kingdom's laws.

In addition to the driving ban, Saudi women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe and need permission from a male guardian to travel, work and marry.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6457 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Every country has it's good aspects.
Posted by: Shipman || 11/29/2013 18:04 Comments || Top||

Caribbean-Latin America
Hernandez declared winner of disputed Honduras vote
[Pak Daily Times] The ruling conservative party's candidate in Honduras' presidential election has won, the electoral tribunal said, but he stopped short short of making it official.

The leftist rival's camp insisted there was fraud and called street protests.

The apparent winner, Juan Orlando Hernandez, is a law-and-order conservative who has promised a militarized program to improve public safety in the nation with the world's highest murder rate, which is also among the poorest in Latin America.

Gangs run whole neighborhoods, extorting businesses as large as factories and as small as tortilla stands. Drug cartels use Honduras as a transfer point for shipping illegal drugs, especially cocaine, from South America to the United States.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6463 views] Top|| File under:

#1  The leftist rival's camp insisted there was fraud and called street protests.

2000 redux.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 11/29/2013 9:24 Comments || Top||

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Holy Red October Batman....
Posted by: Warthog || 11/29/2013 10:07 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6486 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Armed with 18 torpedoes and eight surface-to-air missiles,

SAMs, eh? That should add an interesting twist to the sub-chasing game.
Posted by: SteveS || 11/29/2013 14:42 Comments || Top||

#2  Diesel Electric?

None of the performance specifications about range and patrol loiter time make any sense.

There is more to this boat that the Russians want us to know.
Posted by: Bill Clinton || 11/29/2013 15:17 Comments || Top||

#3  Up scale coastal defense boat. A good one. Likely designed for export. Look at the picture in shipyard, note the size of the sail as related to hull.
Posted by: Shipman || 11/29/2013 18:07 Comments || Top||

#4  Mehhh, AFAIK the most important vessel in any RN overseas task force is the FLEET/OCEAN SALVAGE TUG - CHECK BACK WID ME AFTER IT CHANGES.

Nice to look at though.
Posted by: JosephMendiola || 11/29/2013 18:40 Comments || Top||

#5  With a coastal boat, there's always the hope you can swim back to shore.
Posted by: SteveS || 11/29/2013 18:49 Comments || Top||

#6  Kursk junior...
Posted by: M. Murcek || 11/29/2013 21:29 Comments || Top||

Japan, South Korea Defy Chinese Air Zone
[An Nahar] Japan and South Korea said Thursday they have defied China's newly-declared air defense zone, showing a united front to Beijing after U.S. B-52 bombers did the same.

Chinese authorities are coming under internal pressure to toughen their response to incursions into the air defense identification zone (ADIZ), which it declared unilaterally last weekend.

It includes disputed islands claimed by China, which knows them as the Diaoyus, but controlled by Japan, which calls them the Senkakus.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6469 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Cue North Korea sword rattling...
Posted by: BrerRabbit || 11/29/2013 11:51 Comments || Top||

#2  Chinese authorities are coming under internal pressure

Who in China is in a position to put pressure on the authorities? Are the PLAN authorities being pressured by the Commie Party?
Posted by: AlanC || 11/29/2013 14:09 Comments || Top||

#3  If your wanted to know how accidents start... this is it. Japanese F-15s engage after a lockon. The rest, history.
Posted by: Shipman || 11/29/2013 14:30 Comments || Top||

#4  And if you're a weak and betting sort of person. Put your money on the JSDF. And the Imperial Navy.

Posted by: Shipman || 11/29/2013 14:32 Comments || Top||

#5  Not my fight, but this might come in handy for those in the theater:

Posted by: Au Auric || 11/29/2013 14:43 Comments || Top||

#6  Put your money on the JSDF. And the Imperial Navy.

Once upon a time, the IJN was the terror of the high seas. The ChiComs don't want a repeat of that and likely have worked out a contingency plan.

Having declared an ADIZ that everyone is pointedly ignoring is a loss of face for the Chinese. Something will have to be done about that. I suspect they are saving it up for when push comes to shove in what would traditionally be a minor incident. Massive escalation ensues and they get to say "Hey, we warned you...".
Posted by: SteveS || 11/29/2013 15:16 Comments || Top||

#7  Is anyone else very concerned by this incident given our "CINC"?

If Mr. Reagan was still in charge I would not be worried. Now............?????????????
Posted by: AlanC || 11/29/2013 15:28 Comments || Top||

#8  'Tis a PCorrect-Deniable, "soft power" MilPol escalation, but a MilPol escalation nonetheless as CHINA WILL KEEP STEADILY "UPPING THE ANTE".



HHHHMMM, HHHHHMMM, YES-N-NO, as IMO China's desire for PLA-centric, unfettered or unchallenged strategic access into WESTPAC makes any such "Cold War" TEMPORARY AT BEST - DITTO AS REFLECTED PER ITS MILITARY HISTORY AGZ TAIWAN, VIETNAM, + PHIL.

China will put out all of the PCorrect, pro-Diplomacy/Peace feelers, etc. THEN SUDDENLY SHOCKINGLY JUST OPEN FIRE ON A NICE DAY.






Clearly the NYT has misspelled "Strategeeery"???

Real mil conflict in defense of US interests + Allies; or a pro-Marxist-Socialist, pro-OWG Globalist "POTEMKIN-IST WAR" WHERE THE US INTENTIONALLY UNILATERALLY GIVES UP EAST ASIA + 1/2 OF THE PACIFIC [Guam? Hawaii?] WHILE PRETENDING IT MILPOL "LOST" [wink-wink] THE SAME TO CHINA???

Where absolutely positively categorically undeniably ...@etc. "having no choice" in the real/present time = obeying an agenda that was pre-planned many years or decades ago???


* Also from BHARAT RAKSHAK ...
> [WantChinaTimes] B-52'S SEND WARNINGS TO BOTH CHINA AND JAPAN: [Foremr] US OFFICIAL. Anne-Marie Slaughter.



Lastly, closer to home [Guam-CNMI-Westpac] ...

* WANTCHINATIMES > JAPAN TO EXPAND [its own] AIR DEFENCE ZONE FURTHER SOUTH, towards the Ogasawara = Bonin Islands.

Japan SDFS Arc extending to link wid the USDOD in Guam + CNMI - it already shares IWO JIMA wid the US vee routine training activities.

But I digress ...
Posted by: JosephMendiola || 11/29/2013 20:53 Comments || Top||

Home Front: Politix
HHS swapping Verizon with Hewlett-Packard for Healthcare.gov
...wonder if it has anything to do with THIS. Does the Wookie remind you of anyone...?
Posted by: Uncle Phester || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6465 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Dang. Just when I decided Verizon was off radar for doing business with because they were trying to help with ZeroCare, now I have to through my HP printer in the trash can, too.
Posted by: Guillibaldo McCoy1948 || 11/29/2013 11:45 Comments || Top||

#2  Make that "throw".
Posted by: Guillibaldo McCoy1948 || 11/29/2013 11:45 Comments || Top||

#3  HP have been awful for a long time.

Ruined Compaq too, which was a major sin in my book.
Posted by: Bright Pebbles || 11/29/2013 11:48 Comments || Top||

#4  The prob with HP is they're like three or four companies that run independently of each other, and don't even talk to each other. Kinda like the govt.
Posted by: ed in texas || 11/29/2013 12:01 Comments || Top||

#5  Compaq gobbled up DEC and Tandem. Then HP Gobbled up Compaq.

Hewlett Packard was a good company with quality products. "HP"... not so much...
Posted by: CrazyFool || 11/29/2013 12:53 Comments || Top||

#6  CrazyFool, you are showing signs of "Thanksgiving Overdose Syndrome" or TOS because you are tossing around "Compaq gobbled up DEC and Tandem. Then HP Gobbled up Compaq"

Gobble - Gobble, do you see ?

I prescribe a stacked Roast Beef Sandwich consumed as soon as you can, your symptoms will subside shortly thereafter...

Posted by: Au Auric || 11/29/2013 13:36 Comments || Top||

#7  I left DEC just prior to the Compaq gobble. Still have a few friends that hung around.

There were few happy campers when all was said and done.
Posted by: AlanC || 11/29/2013 19:14 Comments || Top||

#8  Your right Au - had some family over for dinner. Cooked way too much food. Might take your prescription....as soon as I get some space...
Posted by: CrazyFool || 11/29/2013 19:54 Comments || Top||

#9  I still prefer HP laptops and desktop computers over Dell any day.
Posted by: Secret Asian Man || 11/29/2013 20:54 Comments || Top||

Lt Gen Haroon resigns after being superseded
[Pak Daily Times] The senior-most general of the country, Lt General Haroon Aslam, tendered his resignation Thursday and sent the letter to the Defence Ministry from GHQ. Sources said that Lt General Aslam -- who was the senior-most general officer of the army -- resigned after he was superseded by Gen Raheel Sharif as chief of army staff, and Gen Rashad Mahmood as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6457 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistan

Imran escapes fall from stage
[Pak Daily Times] Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan escaped a fall from a stage during a function on Thursday. According to reports, Khan quickly got off the stage after it started to shake after one of its sides broke. The PTI chief remained safe in the incident.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6460 views] Top|| File under:

#1  First the fall off a makeshift platform hoisted by a forklift, now this. Maybe he ought to be speaking from a bunker, like Nasrallah.

Posted by: Pappy || 11/29/2013 14:17 Comments || Top||

#2  Reminds me of the Joke
"Died when the stage gave way beneath Him."

Posted by: Redneck Jim || 11/29/2013 15:20 Comments || Top||

Maoists routed in Nepal election: results
[Pak Daily Times] Nepal's Maoist party, which swept the country's first post-war polls in 2008, was routed in a second election earlier this month and the Nepali Congress is emerging as winner, partial results showed Thursday.

The Maoists, who swapped guns for politics after a 10-year "People's War" against the state, won just 26 seats out of 240 up for grabs in the first round of counting. The Nepali Congress, one of the oldest parties which led pro-democracy protests in the 1950s, won 105 seats while the Unified Marxist-Leninist party secured 91 seats, according to a final first-round toll. Before the vote, many analysts said voters were disillusioned with the Maoists after years of political drift that also saw their former revolutionary leaders develop a taste for luxury once in power. A second round of counting, in which another 335 seats will be decided, also places the Nepali Congress as the largest party, according to an incomplete tally published on Thursday. "It will take a couple more days to calculate the exact seats won by the parties. But Nepali Congress has won the largest," Bir Bahadur Rai, the election commission's front man, told AFP. Senior Maoist leaders Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as Prachanda, and Hisila Yami, wife of former premier Baburam Bhattarai, both finished a distant third in their Kathmandu constituencies.

Reacting to their expected poor showing, the Maoists last week alleged ballot-rigging and threatened to boycott the vote-counting.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6458 views] Top|| File under: Commies

Science & Technology
BlackBerry Shakeup Continues as COO, CFO Depart
[An Nahar] BlackBerry's interim chief executive has shaken up BlackBerry's management team in a move seen as prelude to him taking the top job himself.

Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear and Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben, both hired by recently ousted CEO Thorsten Heins, will leave the struggling smartphone maker.

And the company said Monday that Brian Bidulka is being replaced by James Yersh as chief financial officer. Yersh previously served as senior vice president and controller.
Continued on Page 49
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6457 views] Top|| File under:

Southeast Asia
Protest-hit Thai PM survives no confidence vote
[Pak Daily Times] Thailand's embattled prime minister easily survived a parliamentary no confidence vote Thursday as opposition protesters kept up their fight to try to topple her government by besieging major ministries.

The demonstrations are the biggest since mass rallies three years ago which descended into the kingdom's worst civil strife in decades with more than 90 people killed and nearly 1,900 wounded.

Lawmakers in the ruling party-dominated lower house rejected the censure motion 297-134, according to speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6459 views] Top|| File under:

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka says 'nothing to hide' as counts war dead
[Pak Daily Times] Sri Lanka said it had "nothing to hide" on Thursday as it began compiling a corpse count from its war against Tamil separatists, after allegations of mass killings of civilians.

While rights activists expressed scepticism at the project, organisers said it would reveal the true cost of one of Asia's bloodiest conflicts which ended when troops routed the Tamil Tiger rebels in May 2009.

The start of the six-month "census" comes after the dispute over the scale of the killings in the final phases of the conflict dominated a Commonwealth summit hosted by Sri Lanka earlier this month. UN bodies have said as many as 40,000 civilians may have died in the final weeks of combat -- a claim that has been repeatedly rejected by President Mahinda Rajapakse and his mainly ethnic Sinhalese regime. "The government has nothing to hide," PB Abeykoon, the top civil servant in the ministry of public administration, who will supervise the census, told a presser Thursday. "A lot of people have come out with various accusations with their own figures. We will come out with the real facts," Abeykoon added.

The president announced the start of the census on his website in a brief statement on Wednesday evening.

The statement said the department of census and statistics would conduct what it called an "island-wide census to assess the loss of human life and damage to property", adding that work would begin on November 28. The six-month census would see some 16,000 officials fan out across the island to conduct the survey in more than 14,000 villages, including in the mainly Tamil north of the island.

Rajapakse has previously insisted no civilians died in the finale to the war and has said there was no need for international Sherlocks to conduct their own separate inquiry.

But international pressure has been steadily building and Rajapakse was sorely embarrassed when the leaders of Canada, India and Mauritius all boycotted the Commonwealth meet in protest at Colombo's rights record.

Britannia's Prime Minister David Cameron
... has stated that he is certainly a big Thatcher fan, but I don't know whether that makes me a Thatcherite, which means he's not. Since he is not deeply ideological he lacks core principles and is easily led. He has been described as certainly not a Pitt, Elder or Younger, but he does wear a nice suit so maybe he's Beau Brummel ...
did attend but he infuriated Rajapakse by paying an historic visit to the war-torn Jaffna region.

After meeting survivors and relatives who had lost loved ones during the war, Cameron warned he would lead a push for an international probe unless Sri Lanka produces credible results of its own by March.

Asked about the claims of 40,000 civilian deaths, Abeykoon said the census showed the government's determination to seek the truth.

"Why should we go for a census if we have anything to hide? We are trying to get a clear picture for ourselves," he said.
Posted by: Fred || 11/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6461 views] Top|| File under:

USGS: Magnitude 5.6 quake strikes Iran's Bushehr region
A magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck about 40 miles (60 km) northeast of Bushehr, where Iran has a nuclear power plant, on Thursday, US Geological Survey data showed. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
Should I've put this in WoT Operations?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 11/29/2013 09:05 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6476 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Maybe they're hoping for a nuclear accident there, to release the 12th imam.
Posted by: Bobby || 11/29/2013 11:35 Comments || Top||

#2  They await the 12 Imam. The faithful wait for the 16 MOD, the hidden, or Black MOD. I wait and prepare for the day.
Posted by: Shipman || 11/29/2013 14:35 Comments || Top||

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Thu 2013-11-28
  15 Islamists with suicide belts detained in Moscow
Wed 2013-11-27
  US warns Karzai it may leave no troops in Afghanistan
Tue 2013-11-26
  Libyan Militiamen Battle Government Forces in Benghazi
Mon 2013-11-25
  More than 160 killed as Syrian rebels try to break siege
Sun 2013-11-24
  Nuclear deal reached with Mad Mullahs™
Sat 2013-11-23
  Belmokhtar deputy killed in Mali
Fri 2013-11-22
  Militias pull out of Libya's capital, Tripoli
Thu 2013-11-21
  20 killed in assault on Police Station by Shaboobs
Wed 2013-11-20
  Yemen Drone Strike Kills Three 'Qaida' Suspects
Tue 2013-11-19
  At least 18 killed in explosions targeting Iranian embassy in Beirut
Mon 2013-11-18
  Syria Rebels Bomb Government Building, Kill 31
Sun 2013-11-17
  Hezbollah commander killed in Syria
Sat 2013-11-16
  Militias attack Libyan protesters, killing 31
Fri 2013-11-15
  Iraq Bombers Kill 43 as Millions Mark Shiite Holiday

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