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US warns Karzai it may leave no troops in Afghanistan
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Good morning
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6487 views] Top|| File under:

#1  http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/lillian-roth
Posted by: 3dc || 11/27/2013 1:22 Comments || Top||

#2  Birthday Gam Shot

Yuria Haga [Nipponese][Filmography](age 26)

Rising Sun Design

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC || 11/27/2013 1:25 Comments || Top||

#3  Thanksgiving Eve Gam Shot

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC || 11/27/2013 1:38 Comments || Top||

#4  :) Look's like the turkey in today's BC.
Posted by: Shipman || 11/27/2013 9:57 Comments || Top||

#5  Anyone see Leno's dig about the White House turkey not wanting to have its picture taken with Obumble?
Posted by: Bill Clinton || 11/27/2013 10:42 Comments || Top||

#6  I test:

The Russkies never had a chance we had the best men in the bidness working on Medical Insurance integrated air defense. We had...... IBM!

Posted by: Shipman || 11/27/2013 16:57 Comments || Top||

#7  The above was a test, but don't miss footage of the F-89 firing them FFAR at a would be foe, also little fifties children in color, tie clips and big honking CRTs.
Posted by: Shipman || 11/27/2013 17:16 Comments || Top||

6 Insurgents Killed, 5 Injured in Badghis Clash
[Tolo News] Local officials of western Badghis province on Tuesday confirmed the deaths of six Taliban forces of Evil during a clash with the Afghan cops that took place on Monday night. The officials said that five other forces of Evil were maimed in the attack.

"The clash took place when a number of forces of Evil attacked a police check-post in the Bala Murghab district of the province," said Gen. Mohammad Juma Adeel, a border police commander in western Afghanistan.

"The festivities continued for over several hours and one Afghan police officer was also injured in the clash," he said.

The Taliban has not yet commented about the clash or casualties.

Bala Murghab is one of the most insecure districts in the province, where forces of Evil frequently launch attacks on the security forces.
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6487 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

Africa Horn
Court judge gunned down in Mogadishu
MOGADISHU -- Unidentified assailants gunned down top legal official in Mogadishu in the latest of string of assassinations targeting Somali Government officials on Saturday morning according to witnesses, Garowe Online reports.

Federal Government of Somalia's Justice Minister Abdullahi Abyan Nur said that late Hassan Nur Mohamed was killed on his way to the office in Mogadishu's Huriwaa district by masked attackers. According to witnesses the assailants escaped from the scene of crime and the local authorities insist that investigations are underway.

Mohamed has been serving as the judge of Huriwaa court, Minister Nur told reporters in Mogadishu.
Posted by: Steve White || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6458 views] Top|| File under:

Africa North
Breaking news: further clashes in Benghazi
[Libya Herald] Reports from Benghazi indicate that Ansar Al-Sharia have regrouped and, late this evening, have attacked a number of army positions.

Three checkpoints have been attacked, one at the Army headquarters, another at Benghazi's western entrance and a third in the Keesh district of the city, according to local sources.

Explosions and heavy firefights have also been reported near the Al-Jalaa Hospital, where 23 members of the Benghazi Special Forces have been treated for injuries sustained in yesterday's festivities with members of Ansar Al-Sharia.

Reports on social media say that three Libyan Army soldiers have been injured in tonight's fighting near the hospital.

A local resident told the Libya Herald that kabooms in the neighbourhood were heard at around 12.30 am. These, he said, were followed by heavy and light calibre gunfire.
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6458 views] Top|| File under: Ansar al-Sharia

Congressional meeting with Benghazi security chiefs stormed by protestors. Three members manhandled
[Libya Herald] Three Benghazi congressmen were manhandled by protestors who had stormed a meeting in the city between security and military leaders and a large congressional delegation.

Members of Benghazi civil society organizations forced their way into the room in the headquarters of the oil company Agoco, where the meeting was being held. They demanded that three of the city's congressmen, Mohammed Busidra, Sulaiman Zubi and Saleh Joudah be ejected.

The trio had been among a delegation of 65 members of congress, led by Deputy President Ezzidine Al-Awami, that had flown from Tripoli
...a confusing city, one end of which is located in Lebanon and the other end of which is the capital of Libya. Its chief distinction is being mentioned in the Marine Hymn...
. Among those they met were Chief of Staff Abdulsalam Jadallah Al-Obaidi, Saiqa commander Wanis Bukhamada and deputy acting interior minister Bahloul Al-Said.

It is understood that the three congressmen left the meeting and have returned to Tripoli.

Congressman Congressman Omar Hemidan, who is also the GNC front man said that the delegation had come to discuss yesterday's festivities between the Saiqa special forces and "other groups". He said that the politicians were anxious to find a way to calm the situation.

Bukhamada said that the enforcement of Laws 27 and 53 on the removal of illegal formations would continue. After 31 December, any militias which had not disbanded would be "illegitimate". He added that his special forces would use force against any group that used attacked the police or army.

After the meeting, Benghazi congressman Ahmad Langhi told the Libya Herald: " We listened to Benghazi's security and military leaders' demands and requirements for new equipment. We asked them to write out those demands so we can discuss them with the government later". Langhi added that the commanders had emphasised to their congressional visitors that they regarded any attack the security forces "as a red line".
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6466 views] Top|| File under: Arab Spring

#1  Oh Fred, you tease.
Posted by: Shipman || 11/27/2013 14:12 Comments || Top||

VIDEO: Police fire teargas at Talaat Harb protesters
[Al Ahram] Ahram Online captured the moment police fired teargas on a peaceful demonstration in Talaat Harb Square in Downtown Cairo.

Earlier in the day, other demonstrations in the capital were dispersed by police who used water cannon, tear gas and placed in durance vile
Drop the heater, Studs, or you're hist'try!
dozens of activists.

The crackdown comes just two days after a controversial protest law was passed, regulating the way in which demonstrations can be legally held in Egypt.

The new law states that protesters must inform the police ahead of the protest - it is understood that this did not happen in this case.

The law also states that police must first ask participants to "voluntarily leave the demonstration through several audible verbal warnings". Ahram Online's news hound at the scene heard no such warnings before the security forces fired tear gas.
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6460 views] Top|| File under: Arab Spring

Egypt Troops Kill Suspect in Deadly Sinai Attacks
[An Nahar] Egyptian troops killed a key suspect Tuesday wanted over attacks on the army in the Sinai this year and deadly 2004 and 2006 bombings of tourist resorts, security officials said.

Troops killed Mohammed Hussein Mohareb al-Shahir, his son and a third suspected bully boy in an operation south of the North Sinai town of Sheikh Zuwayed, the officials said.

Another four suspected snuffies were captured in the operation, part of an intensifying campaign by the army in the restive peninsula which borders both Israel and the Gazoo Strip.

Shahir was suspected of involvement in a spate of attacks on the security forces in the Sinai in recent months, including an August 19 ambush that killed 25 coppers in the deadliest attack of its kind in years.

Security sources said he was also implicated in bombings of tourist resorts in the south of the peninsula that killed dozens of people, among them Israeli and Western holidaymakers, in 2004 and 2006.

They said he had issued a fatwa, or religious decree, justifying attacks on the security forces.
That was certainly convenient, wasn't it?
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6465 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in the Levant

Tensions mount in Libya after deadly unrest
[Bangla Daily Star] Local officials called for civil disobedience including strikes for three days from in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi yesterday after deadly festivities between radical Islamist fighters and the army.

The call issued by Benghazi's city council came as defence ministry officials, according to a source, were in talks with jihadist group Ansar al-Sharia
...a Salafist militia which claims it is not part of al-Qaeda, even though it works about the same and for the same ends. There are groups of the same name in Tunisia and Yemen, with the Tunisian version currently most active...
to provide its fighters a safe passage out of the city on condition they leave their weapons behind.

For several hours on Monday the army clashed with the jihadists after one of its patrols was attacked near the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia, a group blamed for the killing of the US ambassador in 2012.

The health ministry said seven people were killed in the fighting and around 50 maimed, revising an earlier toll of eight dead.

The fighting subsided in the afternoon and later the army deployed across Benghazi, taking control of key roads, an AFP correspondent reported.

Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6462 views] Top|| File under: Ansar al-Sharia

BNP-led opposition activists torch, derail trains; burn election office
[Bangla Daily Star] At least seven people, including a BGB man, were killed and over 250 injured as violence flared up across the country yesterday with communications crumbling on the first day of the opposition's 48-hour blockade of roads, rail and waterways.

Two of the dead were leaders of Jubo League
... the youth wing of the Bangla Awami League...
and Swechchhasebak League in Satkhira while the rest were a Jubo Dal man in Bogra, a pedestrian in Sirajganj, a rickshaw-puller in Comilla and an auto-rickshaw driver in Feni.

Train services were severely affected across the country yesterday as the opposition men blocked and damaged rail tracks.

ec office torchedThe BNP-Jamaat activists put up barricades at different points of Dhaka-Chittagong, Dhaka-Sylhet, Dhaka-Aricha, Dhaka-Rangpur, Barisal-Dhaka, Satkhira-Khulna, Kishoreganj-Bhairab, Panchagarh-Dinajpur highways with logs and burning tyres.

Ferry services on Paturia-Daulatdia route and to and from Chandpur terminal were suspended. Very few launches operated on Mawa-Kaorakandi route and to and from Sadarghat terminal amid a thin presence of passengers.

Trading through Burimari land port at Patgram upazila in Lalmonirhat stopped with over a hundred trucks stuck up.

Though the BNP-led 18-party alliance had announced enforcing the blockade from yesterday morning to protest the declaration of the January 5 polls date, its activists started barricading roads and highways on Monday night.

The pro-blockade activists yesterday went on the rampage in several districts, vandalising and torching trains and vehicles and exploding crude bombs.

They set alight two election offices in Bogra and Feni.

In Dhaka, BNP-Jamaat men clashed with law enforcers and carried out kaboom and arson, injuring at least nine, including a woman and three coppers.

At least eight vehicles were burned down in areas including Hatirpool, Ramna, Malibagh and Banasree and 16 others smashed in Uttara, on Dhaka-Chittagong highway in Jatrabari and Dhaka-Aricha highway in Aminbazar.

Four journalists were maimed in blasts near BNP headquarters in Nayapaltan yesterday evening. The injured are news hound Sajeda of Banglanews24.com, cameraman Khaled of Independent TV and news hound Siraj and cameraman Mohammad of SA TV.

In Satkhira, Mahmud Hasan, 32, an upazila-level leader of pro-Awami League youth organization Jubo League, was beaten to death by BNP-Jamaat activists in Kolaroa upazila.

At the same upazila, opposition men allegedly hacked to death Rabiul Islam, 35, a union-level leader of Swechchhasebak League at Khordo Natun Bazar.

In Comilla, BGB member Ripon Ahmed, 35, son of Liakat Ali Molla, was shot to death in a clash with a mob in Dakkhin Chartha.

Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6462 views] Top|| File under: Jamaat-e-Islami

Breaking: Deadly blast near India nuclear plant
Indian Ecoterrorists
A crude bomb exploded near a nuclear plant in southern India, demolishing two houses and killing six people, according to police. One of the three people seriously injured on Wednesday was identified by police as an anti-nuclear activist and a suspect in the case. Among the six killed were a women and three young children, police said, without saying if they had been in the house or nearby. Police also recovered two unexploded bombs near the site.

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, which has inspired years of protests by local residents in Tamil Nadu state, was unaffected by the blast and operating normally, police said. Police have moved to prosecute anti-nuclear activist SP Uthayakumar and others in connection with the explosion.

Cases under the Indian Penal Code and Explosive Substances Act have been filed against Uthayakumar, head of the anti-nuclear People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), his associates Pushparayan, Mukilan and as yet unnamed others, reports quoting top police officials said.

The cases relate to offences including culpable homicide not amounting to murder and criminal conspiracy. PMANE is spearheading the protests against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tirunelveli.
Posted by: phil_b || 11/27/2013 02:43 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6528 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Premature detonation.... to some possibly.
Posted by: Besoeker || 11/27/2013 11:39 Comments || Top||

#2  People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE),
Not to be confused with the splinter group Totally Over Movement Against Nuclear Energy (TOMANE)which is rumored to have weaponzed Mayonnaise and day-old Bread.

Posted by: Shipman || 11/27/2013 14:57 Comments || Top||

#3  How can people who don't eat meat protect their phony baloney jobs?
Posted by: M. Murcek || 11/27/2013 16:51 Comments || Top||

#4  A spokesman for Cows Rejecting Atomic Power issued a terse denial of responsibility, or was possibly just ruminating on matters divine. Also -- I'm a little teapot, short and stout; this is my thought and this is my mouth -- Garlic and Spice Marketers against Savorless Cookery... Scientific Kookery?
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220 || 11/27/2013 17:22 Comments || Top||

#5  I've mentioned before that illegal explosives are widely available in India. But it appears bomb making expertise not so much.
Posted by: phil_b || 11/27/2013 17:37 Comments || Top||

#6  ..was identified by police as an anti-nuclear activist

Not so active now!
Posted by: Raj || 11/27/2013 17:51 Comments || Top||

#7  Did his atoms go through a process of fission, or fusion?
Posted by: Pappy || 11/27/2013 19:26 Comments || Top||

#8  Yes.
Posted by: Canucjistan sniper || 11/27/2013 22:33 Comments || Top||

#9  Can't even spell my own nym correctly. Woe is me!
Posted by: Canuckistan sniper || 11/27/2013 22:34 Comments || Top||

Pakistan releases 3 senior Taliban prisoners
[Al Ahram] Pak officials say the government has released three senior Taliban prisoners to facilitate peace talks with the Afghan government.

A Pak Foreign Ministry official and a security official identified the prisoners released Tuesday as Mullah Abdul Ahad Jahangirwal, a former adviser to Taliban leader Mullah Omar
... a minor Pashtun commander in the war against the Soviets who made good as leader of the Taliban. As ruler of Afghanistan, he took the title Leader of the Faithful. The imposition of Pashtunkhwa on the nation institutionalized ignorance and brutality in a country already notable for its own fair share of ignorance and brutality...
; Mullah Abdul Manan, a former Taliban government in the Afghan province of Helmand
...an Afghan province populated mostly by Pashtuns, adjacent to Injun country in Pak Balochistan...
; and Mullah Younus, a former military commander.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to journalists.

The release comes less than a week after an Afghan delegation tasked with holding peace talks with the Taliban visited Pakistain to meet with the group's former deputy leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. The former No. 2 was released by Pakistain in September after years in detention.

This article starring:
Mullah Abdul Ahad JahangirwalTaliban
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar
Mullah Abdul MananTaliban
Mullah YounusTaliban
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6464 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistan

Five cops among six shot dead
[Pak Daily Times] At least six people, including five coppers, were rubbed out and three others injured in shootings in three different areas of the district on Tuesday. According to police, four police constables were rubbed out outside Manan Hotel in Latifabad Unit 4. "Three assailants on a cycle of violence opened fire on the coppers, three of whom were sitting in the mobile, while one was returning after placing an order for tea at the hotel," DIG Naeem Akram Bharoka said, adding that all the coppers belonged to A-Section Police Station in Latifabad. According to him, the unidentified killers shot at the coppers point-blank and escaped. A 15-year-old boy, Muhammad Ismail, who worked as a waiter at the hotel was also injured by gunshot to his leg.
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6465 views] Top|| File under:

As violence surges, Iraq executes 11 'terror' convicts
[Pak Daily Times] Iraq announced on Tuesday the execution of 11 more convicted "terrorists" amid surging violence that has fuelled fears the country is slipping back into all-out sectarian war just months before elections.

The latest executions bring to 162 the number of those put to death so far this year and as violence this month killed more than 500 people while authorities grapple with the worst bloodshed since 2008.

Officials have voiced concern over a resurgent Al-Qaeda emboldened by the civil war in neighbouring Syria and have appealed for help from Washington in combatting militancy, with La Belle France and Turkey also offering assistance.

"Eleven terrorists, all Iraqi men, were executed on Sunday, November 24," a justice ministry official said, speaking on condition of anonymity
... for fear of being murdered...

"They were executed after being convicted by the courts of carrying out terrorist attacks."

A post later uploaded to the ministry's Facebook page, confirmed as authentic by the official, listed the men by their initials along with the crimes they were convicted of having carried out.

At least 162 people have been executed so far this year, according to an AFP tally based on reports from the ministry and officials, compared to 129 for all of 2012.

Diplomats have voiced worry that the pace of executions in Iraq may increase ahead of elections due to be held on April 30, arguing that officials will be keen to show they are tough on security.

Executions in Iraq, usually carried out by hanging, have increased this year despite persistent international calls for a moratorium. The United Nations
...aka the Oyster Bay Chowder and Marching Society...
, European Union
...the successor to the Holy Roman Empire, only without the Hapsburgs and the nifty uniforms and the dancing...
and human rights
One man's rights are another man's existential threat.
groups have condemned the high rate of executions, with UN human rights chief Navi Pillay saying earlier this year that Iraq's criminal justice system was "not functioning adequately".

But Iraqi Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari has insisted that the executions are carried out only after an exhaustive legal process.
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6464 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Texas casts an envious glance...
Posted by: M. Murcek || 11/27/2013 16:52 Comments || Top||

Israel forces kill 2 Palestinian Salafists
[Al Ahram] Israeli security forces killed on Tuesday night two Paleostinian Death Eaters after attempting to arrest them near the West Bank city of Hebron, the Shin Bet internal security service said. "In an operation by the special forces... in the Hebron/Yatta area, two members of a Salafist jihadist network that was active in the area and planned an attack were killed," it said in a statement.
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6466 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in Sinai Peninsula

Southeast Asia
Roadside bomb injures ranger in southern Thailand
[Bangkok Post] A paramilitary ranger was critically wounded by a bomb blast on a road in Narathiwat province on Tuesday morning.

Witnesses said 12 rangers were on foot patrol along a road in Rangae district when a bomb planted near a roadside power pole was detonated. The patrol squad leader was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

Police blamed separatist terrorists militants.
Posted by: ryuge || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6487 views] Top|| File under: Thai Insurgency

Al-Jadeed Crew Freed after being Beaten, Detained by Customs Agents in Downtown Beirut
[An Nahar] Customs agents on Tuesday assaulted and tossed in the calaboose
Youse'll never take me alive coppers!... [BANG!]... Ow!... I quit!
an al-Jadeed TV crew near the security agency's headquarters in downtown Beirut, which sparked protests and broad solidarity with the tossed in the clink
Drop the gat, Rocky, or you're a dead 'un!

The four journalists were released on Tuesday evening after several hours of detention.

Following a lawsuit filed by al-Jadeed, the Central Criminal Investigations Department started interrogating the crew under the supervision of acting State Prosecutor Judge Samir Hammoud.

They were later released after being examined by a forensic doctor.

Earlier, Hammoud stressed that "the judiciary is with freedoms, not against them."

According to al-Jadeed channel, "Tahet Taelat al-Masouliya" crew were beaten up by Customs agents over an episode on the "corruption at the airport customs."

Riyad Qobeissi, Adeeb Farhat, Ali Shreim and Ali Khalifeh were arrested by the security agency.

According to the channel, the four men were referred to the public prosecution for further investigations.

Qobeissi and the crew were allegedly calling through speaker on acting director of Customs Shafiq Merhi to give them an interview when Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Shamseddine gave customs members an order to beat and detain them.

Al-Jadeed reported that the crew had an approval from the Finance Ministry to interview Merhi, who refused to meet them.

Several activists and journalists gathered near the customs headquarters demanding the swift release of the four men, but Customs agents again resorted to the same behavior and assaulted the protesters who were rallying in the location.

"We condemn the attacks against journalists and the competent court will adopt the necessary measures in this respect," caretaker Information Minister Walid Daouq told al-Jadeed later on Tuesday.

For his part, caretaker Labor Minister Salim Jreissati told LBCI television that "attacking journalists is unacceptable and investigative journalism helps institutions to recognize their mistakes."

...back at the Council of Boskone, Helmuth had turned a paler shade of blue. Star-A-Star had struck again...
National Media Council chief Abdul Hadi Mahfoud said that "what is surprising is that the state transformed into a militia and beat up civilians and journalists instead of protecting them."

On the ground, the army took strict security measures around the Customs building in Sidon after youth groups called for a sit-in, according to MTV.

The seaside road in Sidon near the Customs office was later blocked in protest at the assault on al-Jadeed's crew.

A mass rally was also held outside the Justice Palace in Beirut in solidarity with the detained men.
Posted by: Fred || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6466 views] Top|| File under:

Fifteen killed in Damascus kaboom
Fifteen people were killed and more than 30 were wounded in a suicide bomb attack at a bus station in a suburb west of Damascus, state media said on Tuesday.

State television said all fatalities were civilians but the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based anti-Assad monitoring group, said six of the dead were soldiers and that two children were also killed at the bus stop in Soumariya, a major hub for transport in and out of the capital.

“The number is likely to rise because there are about 25 wounded, some of them in critical condition,” the Observatory said in an email.
Posted by: Steve White || 11/27/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [6462 views] Top|| File under:

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