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Taliban Control Spin Boldak Crossing in Kandahar, and beyond
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Good Morning

Dems lose their minds over voting laws
Thursday July 15th, 2021

CCP's six steps to dismember and eliminate Japan
REvil, blamed for global ransomware attack, disappears
Five ISIS suspects arrested over planned attack on Erbil: security council
Top Lashkar commander gunned down with two more terrorists in Pulwama
Using govt jobs as covers how Hizbul chief%u2019s sons facilitated funds from Saudi to further terror in J&K
Turning to crime-fighting, IDF steps up efforts against drug running from Sinai
Republicans demand White House hand over documents on 'disturbing' trend of Biden relatives 'profiting' off the presidency after Hunter's $500K paintings raised serious ethics concerns

Posted by: Fred || 07/15/2021 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [205 views] Top|| File under:



Viola Dana IMDb

Viola Dana Wikipedia

At the time, she was outstanding in her field
Posted by: Sholuck Phaviter3407 || 07/15/2021 0:26 Comments || Top||

Posted by: Sholuck Phaviter3407 || 07/15/2021 0:31 Comments || Top||

Posted by: Sholuck Phaviter3407 || 07/15/2021 0:36 Comments || Top||

#4  Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1690, the 'Medici, Tuscan (Tenor)'

Posted by: Sholuck Phaviter3407 || 07/15/2021 0:46 Comments || Top||

-War on Police-
Video shows DoorDash driver contaminating Brooklyn cop's Chipotle order
[NYPOST] A DoorDash driver’s next run may be from the law after social-media video showed him digging his bare hands into a Chipotle order meant for a Brooklyn cop — to leave a handwritten note implying he contaminated the meal in a much worse way."Hope that d-k taste good bitch!" read the small note, misspelling a common vulgarism for the male genitalia.

The short video clip, posted to Facebook on Monday, shows the driver reaching into the open container of what appears to be a burrito bowl to bury the note under shredded cheese and lettuce.

"Ya kno I’m bout to violate the s—t out this order 61st precient [sic]," the video, posted by a user with the handle "So Certified," was captioned.

"I dreamed of moments like this," it continued. "god u been so good to me like idk how to re pay u."

The video also shows a screenshot from the DoorDash app with instructions to deliver the order to the 61st Precinct’s station house on Coney Island Avenue in Sheepshead Bay.

Posted by: Fred || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [230 views] Top|| File under:

#1  On holidays I don't feel like "eating out" at commercial franchise eateries because the thought that some disgruntled employee (young n' dumb whinging that all of their friends are at the lake!) *might* adulterate the food. I don't *expect* it, but it just makes me feel like eating at home at the very thought.
Posted by: magpie || 07/15/2021 0:25 Comments || Top||

#2  /\ The Death of Trust™ that our democracy was built on.
Posted by: magpie || 07/15/2021 0:26 Comments || Top||

#3  Young Republican White Supremacist Young Democrat voter respecting the shit outta the cops. I hope he gets robbed and beaten. Who ya gonna call, asshole? The Po-Po?
Posted by: Frank G || 07/15/2021 8:40 Comments || Top||

#4  Sabotage like this is precisely why so many small businesses, where an employee may be 1/4 of his business output, prefer to hire illegal aliens from south of the border. These scumbags can literally bankrupt you and destroy what you spent decades putting together. Disproportionate homicidal tendencies are just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
Posted by: Zhang Fei || 07/15/2021 8:44 Comments || Top||

#5  When anonymity dies, so to often do the perps.
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/15/2021 12:44 Comments || Top||

#6  dumbass don't have to worry about door dashing anymore.
Posted by: Chris || 07/15/2021 15:22 Comments || Top||

#7  So he'll move to being a pizza delivery guy.
Posted by: CrazyFool || 07/15/2021 17:40 Comments || Top||

Taliban Control Spin Boldak Crossing in Kandahar, and beyond
Yesterday we had the capture of Spin Boldak crossing. Now the lens pulls back to see what is happening beyond.
[ToloNews] The Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
on Tuesday night launched an assault on Spin Boldak district in the southern province of Kandahar and captured the Spin Boldak crossing along the Durand Line, local sources in the province said on Thursday. The Durand Line serves as a de facto border with Pakistain.

Sources stated that fierce battles were also reported in the PD6, PD7 and PD8 areas of Kandahar city including Kandahar’s Arghandab province. Reports say that at least 11 non-combatants were killed and 41 others were maimed as a result of the fighting.

All victims were transferred to Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar city.

20 out of 34 provinces saw fighting in the past 24 hours. The Taliban also launched attacks on Ghazni city and Lashkargah city in the center of Helmand
...an Afghan province populated mostly by Pashtuns, adjacent to Injun country in Pak Balochistan...
province in southern Afghanistan.

"There is heavy fighting in Spin Boldak, only a few parts of the district remain, all checkpoints have collapsed," said Qudratullah, a resident in Spin Boldak.

"Kandahar city has faced lots of damage due to security issues, many people were displaced from their homes," said Niaz Mohammad, a resident in Kandahar.

There are also reports that a girls school was torched in the Haidar Abad area of Ghazni city. The Taliban has rejected involvement.

"We witnessed the torching of the school in Haidar Abad which is only 3 kilometers away from the governor’s office, this situation is not bearable to the people of Ghazni," said Naseer Faqiri, the head of Ghazni's provincial council.

In Baghlan province local people have taken arms in support of Afghan cops to fight the Taliban.

Fighting was also reported in Kunduz province.

"Fighting was going on in the road leading to Imam Sahib district and in the outskirts of Kunduz city," said Mohammad Yousuf Ayoubi, the head of the Kunduz provincial council.

...back at the Council of Boskone, Helmuth had turned a paler shade of blue. Star-A-Star had struck again...
the Afghan security agencies said that soon the security situation in the country will change. They also said that the Afghan cops have been inflicting major casualties on the Taliban on the battlefield.

"1369 (Taliban) fighters were killed during recent operations including their key commanders and intelligence officials," said Ajmal Omar Shinwari, a front man to ANDSF.
That sounds like someone is working up to piles of skulls.
The Taliban also claimed to have downed an Afghan Air Force plane in Kunduz province. But the Afghan government has denied the claims.

Afghan Police Officer Fights Taliban Alone for 18 Hours

[ToloNews] An Afghan police officer, Ahmad Shah, fought the Taliban
...the Pashtun equivalent of men...
alone for 18 hours in the southern province of Kandahar and said that the Taliban are undertaking a massive propaganda campaign about the military offensives to demoralize the Afghan cops.
We discussed this here yesterday.
Ahmad Shah and 14 other coppers were deployed at a checkpoint in the suburbs of Kandahar city when the Taliban attacked them. Ahmad Shah, who was maimed, did not surrender and resisted the Taliban for 18 hours.

Ahmad Shah was rescued after reinforcements were sent to the area. He is now in stable, pH balanced condition.

"I did not surrender, I did not lay down my arms and I fought back," said Ahmad Shah.

Ahmad Shah says that war needs determination and firmness for victory to be achieved.

"The enemy is very weak. They want to frighten us through their propaganda. I learned that no one should fear the enemy in real life," added Ahmad Shah.

"Afghanistan is a sovereign country, it has an independent army and a sovereign system, it has a Constitution, we are the guardians of the Islamic Theocratic Republic of Afghanistan," said Fazel Mohammad Daudzai, a member of the Afghan Special Forces
...established in 2007 with the intent of taking one conventional infantry kandak (battalion) from each of the regional ANA corps, giving them special training and equipment, and reorganizing based on the U.S. Army Rangers. Each battalion is assigned to one of the six regional corps. The commandos comprise 7% of the Afghan National Security Forces but conduct 70% to 80% of the fighting...
The Taliban launched their onslaught on Kandahar city two weeks ago.

The Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) launched a series of anti-Taliban operations in response.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [536 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

#1  when are they going to evacuate the embassy?
Posted by: Chris || 07/15/2021 1:16 Comments || Top||

#4  Shaving or smoking is outlawed and women are banned from leaving the house in Taliban-controlled parts of Afghanistan as the terror group implement their harsh Islamic rule

I don't mind stay-at-home women that smoke, but I do prefer them shaven.
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/15/2021 8:33 Comments || Top||

#5  "There is heavy fighting in Spin Boldak, only a few parts of the district remain, all checkpoints have collapsed," said Qudratullah, a resident in Spin Boldak.

I may be mistaken, but this appears to be a Pashtun name. The Pashtuns are the core of the Taliban. Asking the Pashtuns about the progress of the war is like asking a black South African whether the ANC should be in charge.

I don't think non-Pashtuns are fighting for honor. They're fighting for their lives. The quick way to end the Taliban would have been to slaughter the Pashtuns and push them into Pakistan. The problem is what happens when we leave and the Pakistanis send the Pashtuns back over the border, this time with Pakistani regulars backing them up. Pakistan has 200m people. Afghanistan has 40m. Anyhow, Strategypage suggests that the Taliban are staging what amounts to a Mazar-e-Sharif-style pogrom:


Excerpt from Strategypage:


So far this year civilian deaths are up 40 percent compared to 2020. Most of the increase comes from the Taliban policy of killing non-Pushtun civilians while offering Pushtun civilians the option of surrendering without violence. This is the custom in Afghanistan and characterized the unfinished civil war that ended in 2001 when the Americans intervened on the side of the largely non-Pushtun Northern Alliance. The Taliban are confident it will be different this time, because they have more drug money and access to Pakistan for illegal import items and access to the outside world.

I respect Strategypage, but disagree that Taliban drug money can match Uncle Sam's $400m a month. Not to mention the huge amounts of cached equipment and ammo that are the fruits of 20 years of salting away by each of the provincial warlords. We talk about corruption like it's this great evil.

In Afghanistan, if you're not corrupt, you're the patsy. When push comes to shove, you'll be pushed off the podium because you have no army of your own and no weaponry. Don't think of these people as citizens in a nation state where the government gives everyone a fair shake.

Think of these warlords as barons under King John. When he comes for you, you'd better have a big enough army to kick his ass back to where he came from, because he will take everything you own unless you stop him.
Posted by: Zhang Fei || 07/15/2021 13:25 Comments || Top||

#6  Can not show you the rest of Her, have already lost one mobile screen due to 'Sudden Pixel Explosion 💥 Syndrome'
Posted by: Kofi Big Foot8811 || 07/15/2021 13:37 Comments || Top||

#7  Mmm feet!
Posted by: KBK || 07/15/2021 21:05 Comments || Top||

#8  +2 Zhang Fei
Posted by: KBK || 07/15/2021 21:07 Comments || Top||

Salma Dam under Taliban rockets
[KhaamaPress] Afghan officials say that Salma hydroelectric dam has been hit by the Taliban
...Arabic for students...
rockets since Monday and warned if not prevented the dam will be destroyed.

Salma dam in Cheshte Sharif district of western Herat
...a venerable old Persian-speaking city in western Afghanistan, populated mostly by Tadjiks, which is why it's not as blood-soaked as areas controlled by Pashtuns...
province is one of the largest and key dams of Afghanistan providing irrigation water and electricity for hundreds of thousands of families in the province.

Officials warned if damaged, the lack of water will adversely affect agriculture in adjacent districts of Herat province.

Authorities in National Water Affairs Regulatory Authority say that rockets and artillery shells landed close to the dam but the dam itself is not hit yet.

As per National Water Affairs Regulatory Authority, the dam is currently irrigating land in eight districts of the province.

The agency in a plea asked the Taliban to not target and destroy national asset.

The hard boyz have not commented on the issue yet.

Salma dam in the biggest project in Afghanistan launched after the ouster of then-president Daoud Khan. The dam was then completed by India in 2016 and was jointly inaugurated by President Ashraf Ghani
...former chancellor of Kabul University, now president of Afghanistan. Before returning to Afghanistan in 2002 he was a scholar of political science and anthropology. He worked at the World Bank working on international development assistance. As Finance Minister of Afghanistan between July 2002 and December 2004, he led Afghanistan's attempted economic recovery until the Karzais stole all the money...
and Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [116 views] Top|| File under: Taliban

#1  Hydroelectric's haram - Mo didn't have electricity.
Posted by: Glenmore || 07/15/2021 1:19 Comments || Top||

Africa Subsaharan
Police kill two militants in Cameroon
Direct Translation via Google Translate
[REGNUM] Police in Cameroon have killed two unidentified militants at a checkpoint in the west of the country, Xinhua reported, citing security sources.

It is reported that unknown armed men arrived on motorcycles in the city of Babajou and opened fire on the gendarmes at the checkpoint. The security forces managed to eliminate two militants with return fire, and another of the attackers was wounded. No reported casualties or deaths among the police. It is noted that so far none of the known groups has claimed responsibility for the attack.

As reported by IA REGNUM , on June 23 in the north of Cameroon there was a scuffle between two rival groups around the land in one of the villages of the country. As a result of the incident, two people were killed and several houses were burned down.
Posted by: badanov || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [103 views] Top|| File under:

REvil, blamed for global ransomware attack, disappears
[NYPOST] REvil, the Russia-linked cyber gang blamed earlier this month for a massive ransomware attack that affected hundreds of businesses globally, has vanished from the web.

As of Tuesday morning, the group's public website, the dark-web site the gang used to facilitate its ransom negotiations and the site that victims used to pay the ransom fees were all offline, multiple cybersecurity analysts said.

It's not clear what led to the Russia-linked ransomware-as-a-service group's websites going dark. But the sudden outage came just days after President Joe Biden
...... 46th president of the U.S. You're a lyin' dog-faced pony soldier......
said he pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin
...President-for-Life of Russia. He gets along well with other presidents for life. He is credited with bringing political stability and re-establishing something like the rule of law, which occasionally results in somebody dropping dead from poisoning by polonium or other interesting substance. Under Putin, a new group of business magnates controlling significant swathes of Russia's economy has emerged, all of whom have close personal ties to him. The old bunch, without close personal ties to Putin, are in jail or in exile or dead from poisoning by polonium or other interesting substances...
to act against hackers that are operating from Russia.

"I made it very clear to him that the United States expects when a ransomware operation is coming from his soil, even though it's not sponsored by the state, we expect him to act," Biden told news hounds last week after a call with Putin.

Ransomware attacks, often orchestrated by Eastern European hacking groups, have surged over the past 18 months as the pandemic and work-from-home accommodations have made businesses especially vulnerable to cybercrime.

Posted by: Fred || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [208 views] Top|| File under:

#3  REvil, blamed for global ransomware attack, disappears..... back into the Third Directorate....
Posted by: Mercutio || 07/15/2021 8:38 Comments || Top||

#4  They missed their quarterly rent to GoDaddy.
Posted by: ed in texas || 07/15/2021 10:19 Comments || Top||

#5  They've returned to Langly.
Posted by: Spoter B || 07/15/2021 11:21 Comments || Top||

#6  Can you point out the room @ Langley you are referring to ?

Posted by: Count Galeazzo Hupack3870 || 07/15/2021 11:41 Comments || Top||

#7  This is the payback for Biden not opposing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Putin will have this group start again under another name in a few months.
Posted by: Clans Omiling7802 || 07/15/2021 11:51 Comments || Top||

Fifth Column
Crime Victims' Families Harassed By Antifa And Activists During Anti-Violence March
[POLICETRIBUNE] Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong and a group of friends and family of victims of gun violence led a pro-police, anti-violence march on Saturday to call for a unified stand against violent mostly peaceful crime.Anti-police demonstrators and antifa showed up and clashed with members of the group, leading to heated arguments between them and the crime victims’ families and law enforcement supporters, video footage showed.

"Surreal moment in Oakland," Intercept news hound Lee Fang tweeted. "About 200 mostly black families rally with police to call for an end to the epidemic of gun violence. Mothers at the stage mourning recently murdered children. In the back, less than a dozen mostly white antifa protesters assembled to jeer them."

Chief Armstrong and many members of the 200-strong "Stand Up for a Safe Oakland" anti-violence group wore white shirts emblazoned with the hashtag "#SAFEOAKLAND" as they made their way from the amphitheater to Lakeshore Avenue, where one person was murdered and six more were maimed during a Juneteenth celebration last month, The Mercury News reported.

"We continue to see shootings every night in the city," Chief Armstrong told the crowd. "It is time we come together and we unite behind reducing gun violence in the city of Oakland. There are people in our community who don’t feel safe. There are seniors in our community who cannot come out at night. There are young, African-American men and Latino men that are at risk in our city."
Posted by: Fred || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [134 views] Top|| File under: Antifa/BLM

China claims its residents to be attacked in Pakistan
[KhaamaPress] Chinese foreign ministry was shocked by the incident in Pakistain and called it an attack on Chinese citizens in which 13 people were killed among them nine Chinese.

Spokesman of china’s foreign ministry Zhao Lijian has asked Pakistain to go into the depth of the issue.

Officials in northwestern Pakistain said that the bus carrying Pak and Chinese construction workers fell into a ravine on Wednesday which killed at least 13 people.

Authorities in Pakistain though said that the alleged incident is under investigation but the Chinese embassy based in Islamabad said that the bus was attacked.

Assistant commissioner in Kohistan
...a backwoods district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa distinguished by being even more rustic than is the norm among the local Pashtuns....
of Pakistain said authorities believe the incident was an accident but investigations over alleged explosives in the bus are underway.
”We don’t want none o’them furriners round here, with their soft living and their unbelieving ways.”
“I know, Abudullah — let’s kaboom ‘em til they go away!”
The cause of the incident is not yet clarified but state officials in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa said it will soon be briefed to the media.

Chinese engineers are working along with Pak workers on building a hydroelectric dam in eastern Pakistain, Kohistan.

China is the biggest economic ally of Pakistain which has implemented major economic projects including China-Pakistain CPEC.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [227 views] Top|| File under: Commies

#1  Paks and Chinese: I can't think of any two group of people who so richly deserve each other.
Posted by: Abu Uluque || 07/15/2021 12:23 Comments || Top||

#2  What's that make, a Chinastani?
Posted by: Skidmark || 07/15/2021 12:42 Comments || Top||

Posted by: Dron66046 || 07/15/2021 13:16 Comments || Top||

#4  Confucius say, "Xi, tawny, brawny,
Go west, where he meet bonny rani.
Though ruthless, he useless
At boosting her sutras,
But find true romance. Hanastani."
Posted by: Ann Ruthersquank9708 || 07/15/2021 13:39 Comments || Top||

#5  Hani, dammit. Friggin phone.
Posted by: Ann Ruthersquank9708 || 07/15/2021 13:44 Comments || Top||

#6  Maybe this makes me a bad person but, upon reading this headline, the corners of my mouth curled into something resembling a smirk.
Posted by: Zhang Fei || 07/15/2021 22:31 Comments || Top||

In Khalistan extortion case, NIA arrests top arms trafficker from UP
[OneIndia] The National Investigation Agency conducted searches in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and arrested an arms trafficker associated with an extortion case involving Khalistan terrorists.

The arrested accused has been identified as Mohammad Asif Ali, 32, a resident of Meerut. The case was originally registered in Punjab
1.) Little Orphan Annie's bodyguard
2.) A province of Pakistain ruled by one of the Sharif brothers
3.) A province of India. It is majority (60 percent) Sikh and Hindoo (37 percent), which means it has relatively few Moslem riots....

after the police found that Arshdeep Singh and Ramandeep Singh both based abroad had formed a gang and were extorting money from businessmen in Punjab. The case was later taken over by the NIA.

During the search, the NIA recovered two country made pistols of 0.315 bore, ten live rounds of 0.315 bore, one mobile [phone, two SIM cards and one memory card. The probe by the NIA revealed that accused Gagandeep Singh used to purchase arms and ammunition from Ali and then supplied them to the other accused. These weapons were used in faith based assassinations and for threatening and extorting money from businessmen of Punjab.

The NIA also conducted searches at the premises of one Paramjit Singh, another arms trafficker involved in the same case. During the search the agency recovered cash to the tune of Rs 9 lakh, mobile phones and other incriminating documents.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [85 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistain Proxies

In Islamic State Voice of Hind case, NIA nets three operatives from J&K
[OneIndia] The National Investigation Agency has arrested three operatives of the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that they were al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're really very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear western pols talk they're not really Moslems....
in connection with the ISIS Voice of Hind case. The arrested have been identified as Umar Nisar, Tanveer Ahmad Bhat and Rameez Ahmad Lone all residents of Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir
...a disputed territory lying between India and Pakistain. After partition, the Paks grabbed half of it and call it Azad (Free) Kashmir. The remainder they refer to as "Indian Occupied Kashmir". They have fought four wars with India over it, the score currently 4-0 in New Delhi's favor. After 72 years of this nonsense, India cut the Gordian knot in 2019, removing the area's special status, breaking off Ladakh as a separate state, and allowing people from other areas to settle (or in the case of the Pandits, to resettle) there....
The NIA had unearthed a conspiracy of the IISIS to radicalise and recruit impressionable youth in India to wage violent mostly peaceful jihad against the Indian State. ISIS forces of Evil operating from various conflict zones along with ISIS cadres in India, by assuming pseudo- online identities, have created a network wherein ISIS related propaganda material is disseminated for radicalising and recruiting members to the fold of ISIS. In this connection an India-Centric online propaganda magazine 'the Voice of Hind' (VOH) is published on monthly basis with an aim to incite and radicalise impressionable youth.

The operatives of the Islamic State had organised a campaign in cyber space to further terror activities on the ground in Jammu and Kashmir, investigations by the National Investigation found.

ISIS forces of Evil operating from various conflict zones along with the cadres in India assumed pseudo online identities and created a network, the NIA said. Further the agency said that an India centric online propaganda magazine Voice of Hind was published on a monthly basis.

The aim of the magazine was to incite and radicalise impressionable youth by projecting a a skewed narrative of imagined injustices in India to arouse a feeling of alienation and communal hatred. During the searches the NIA seized a large number of incriminating documents and digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop , hard disks and T-Shirts having ISIS logo.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [112 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

Top Lashkar commander gunned down with two more terrorists in Pulwama
[OneIndia] A top commander of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and two of his accomplices have been bumped off in an encounter in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir
...a disputed territory lying between India and Pakistain. After partition, the Paks grabbed half of it and call it Azad (Free) Kashmir. The remainder they refer to as "Indian Occupied Kashmir". They have fought four wars with India over it, the score currently 4-0 in New Delhi's favor. After 72 years of this nonsense, India cut the Gordian knot in 2019, removing the area's special status, breaking off Ladakh as a separate state, and allowing people from other areas to settle (or in the case of the Pandits, to resettle) there....
The Kashmir zone police said that the commander, Abu Huraira has been killed along with 2 local terrorist. Following information about the presence of murderous Moslems in the area, a cordon and search operation was launched by the police.

The operation turned into an encounter after the murderous Moslems opened fire on the security forces. Incriminating material including arms and ammunition have been recovered from the site of the encounter, an official said.

In June, the Kashmir police had appealed to all the misguided youth who joined the terror ranks to shun the path of violence and return to the mainstream. The police said that they were committed to accept them with open arms as society needs the most especially their parents.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [250 views] Top|| File under: Lashkar e-Taiba

#1  Abu Huraira AKA Aijaz was Pakistani - a recruiter and trainer of jihad fodder. The others were Javed Ahmad Rather and Shahnawaz Ghani, fodder from Kashmir.

It was humint from one of the relatives of Javed Ahmad that allowed security forces to zero in on their base.
Posted by: Dron66046 || 07/15/2021 12:48 Comments || Top||

#2  Please pass on our congratulations for a job well done, Dron. Not least for cultivating creating an atmosphere in which the relative felt comfortable calling the police on the family disgrace.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 17:01 Comments || Top||

#3  Yes, I found that especially reassuring.
Posted by: Dron66046 || 07/15/2021 18:10 Comments || Top||

Five ISIS suspects arrested over planned attack on Erbil: security council
[Rudaw] Five Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that they were al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're really very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear western pols talk they're not really Moslems....
(ISIS) suspects were arrested in Erbil who were allegedly planning to carry out terrorist attacks in the city before Eid al-Adha
...a major Moslem holiday, marked by animal sacrifice and ritual rioting...
, the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) announced on Tuesday.

"The directorate general of counter-terrorism arrested a terrorist group who was planning to carry out terrorist attacks before Eid al-Adha," the Security Council said in a video it published, adding that the group’s main target was the governorate’s building and a "place with a number of foreigners."

The group had picked out different places in the city and were planning to conduct a "suicide kaboom" in the governorate’s building located in the city center, according to KRSC.

"I joined the group in 2021 through Abu Sara," Abdulrahman Alaa who is known by the name Wisam in the group said in a confession video.

"Abu Sara asked me to conduct a security attack in Erbil, and I agreed. He [Abu Sara] then introduced me to an ISIS security official and then he [Abu Humam] asked me to find and specify some administrative and security areas in the city," he added.

Abu Humam is an ISIS security official that directed all five members to conduct the attacks in Erbil before Eid al-Adha.

Mazin Diyab, another member of the group, arrived in the city by the end of May where he met with Wisam.

"We went to the places that Wisam had selected, and then we chose the governorate building as a target," Diyab said in the video. "Then we decided to go to places that had foreigners."

"Abu Humam asked Wisam to find a place to hide the things at, and because Wisam lives in a farm on the outskirts of Erbil he said he would keep them there," Diyab added.

In June, Diyab met another member of the group and they went for multiple walks to monitor the governorate building in Erbil. They designated the building’s main gate as a target for the attack.

Mustafa Abdulnasr, known as Ayub, joined the group earlier this year through ISIS member Abu Hafsa who later introduce him to the official Abu Humam.

"Abu Humam asked me to meet someone called Abu Awad, and I met him in Erbil," Ayub said. "We monitored the governorate building for the last time at the end of June and we sent all the details, the number of guards, coordinates of the site, and photos to Abu Humam."

The group was expected to receive smuggled weapons and explosives through Syria as well as the jacket wallah.

"We were arrested before the smuggling operation," all five members said.

Another suspect was arrested in the city last week. He was planning to launch an attack against the counterterrorism headquarters in the city.
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IDF nabs dozens of Hamas activists after solidarity visit to terrorist’s village
[IsraelTimes] Army says roughly 30 detained outside Turmus Aya are members of Hamas, a contraction of the Arabic words for "frothing at the mouth", student faction at Birzeit University and include individuals directly involved in terrorist activity.

The IDF said it arrested dozens of Hamas activists Wednesday after they paid a solidarity visit to the West Bank village of a Paleostinian man accused of killing an Israeli student.

In a joint operation with Border Police and the Shin Bet security service, Israeli security forces raided two buses full of Paleostinian university students as they were making their way out of Turmus Ayya. The students taken into custody had visited the home of Montasir Shalabi, which the IDF demolished last week as part of its controversial policy aimed at deterring future attacks.

The suspects were part of Hamas’s student faction at Birzeit University, the IDF said in a statement, adding that "some of the arrested activists were directly involved in terrorist activities, which included money transfers, incitement and the organization of Hamas activities in the West Bank."

The IDF did not specify how many suspects it had detained, but Hebrew media said that roughly half of the 60 students on board the buses had been brought in for questioning.

An invitation for Wednesday’s student event posted on social media read, "The Hamas student faction at Birzeit University invites you to attend a visit to the family of the heroic prisoner Montasir Shalabi, who carried out the heroic [attack] at the [Tapuah Junction]."

Shalabi has been charged with killing Yehuda Guetta, 19, at the Tapuah Junction in the northern West Bank on May 2. The shooting attack also injured two other Israeli teenagers, one of them seriously.

The 44-year-old is suspected of driving to the northern West Bank’s Tapuah Junction and opening fire at the group of Israeli students from a yeshiva in the nearby Itamar settlement.

The father of seven was eventually arrested following a three-day manhunt, an hour after Guetta departed this vale of tears.

Shalabi is a dual US-Paleostinian citizen, and senior US officials reached out to their Israeli counterparts imploring them not to move forward with the demolition of his home on the grounds that the alleged attacker’s family should not have to pay for the actions of their father and husband. But the IDF went forward with the razing, angering the Biden administration (aka the Wilmington comorra)
...knaves, footpads, and adjusters employed by the Biden Crime Family. They leave a trail of havoc everywhere they turn their attention, be it the nation's borders, the Keystone XL Pipeline, or epidemics, sometimes on purpose, most times through sheer arrogant ineptitude. They learnt this stuff in college, you know...
, which vowed to continue voicing its objections over the matter.

The Axios news site reported Wednesday that the move led House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Gregory Meeks to phone Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, chastising Jerusalem for the demolition, which took place while the US politician was in Israel leading a congressional delegation.
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#1  Not quite bombing their funerals - but, hopefully, we're getting there.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru PB || 07/15/2021 3:10 Comments || Top||

#2  One wonders who posted that invitation on social media, remembering when the FBI used to send notices to their Most Wanteds that they’d won the lottery and needed to come in to collect their winnings.
Posted by: trailing wife || 07/15/2021 17:04 Comments || Top||


Please come to Tirmis Ayya to pick out your 72 virgins! You too can enjoy the afterlife - while still alive!

Posted by: CrazyFool || 07/15/2021 17:30 Comments || Top||

Cryptocurrency intended for Hamas seized by Israel

New information that’s simply delightful:
Hamas, a contraction of the Arabic words for "frothing at the mouth", announced in 2019 their intention to establish a mechanism for supporters to donate cryptocurrency to the group. A short time later, its web site setup a link for supporters to transfer donations.

a person who gets all wrapped up in himself makes a mighty small package...
this effort caught the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice who covertly took over the website, intercepted funds directed to Hamas, and subsequently shut it down.

"With judicial authorization, law enforcement seized the infrastructure of the al-Qassam Brigades websites and subsequently covertly operated alqassam.net. During that covert operation, the website received funds from persons seeking to provide material support to the terrorist organization, however, they instead donated the funds bitcoin wallets controlled by the United States," a Department of Justice blurb stated.
Posted by: Fred || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [200 views] Top|| File under: Hamas

#1  Ahhh, them greedy Joos!

/obvious sarcasm!
Posted by: Raj || 07/15/2021 0:46 Comments || Top||

#2  How:
They pried open a crypto-window with a crypto-prybar, grabbed up the crypto-cash and put it in a crypto-bag, and got away before the crypto-cops got there.
Posted by: ed in texas || 07/15/2021 13:07 Comments || Top||

#3  Those crypto-fascists!
Posted by: Dron66046 || 07/15/2021 13:09 Comments || Top||

Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/15/2021 13:22 Comments || Top||

#5  So, seized by Joooos or by the US DOJ? I know which option gets the Big Guy 10%
Posted by: Frank G || 07/15/2021 14:30 Comments || Top||

Turning to crime-fighting, IDF steps up efforts against drug running from Sinai
[IsraelTimes] Military cracks down on marijuana smuggling, but core economic issues pushing Bedouin Israelis to crime remain, and campaign seems to have little effect on overall drug trade.
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Jabhat al-Nusra continues shelling in the Idlib zone
Direct translation vie Google Translate
[REGNUM] Militants of the Jabhat al-Nusra group staged 28 attacks in the Syrian de-escalation zone Idlib, said on July 14 the deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties (CPVS) in Syria, Russian Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit.

According to the Admiral, the territories of the Syrian provinces of Idlib, Latakia, Hama and Aleppo were subjected to shelling.

"In the Idlib de-escalation zone, 28 attacks were recorded from the positions of the Jabhat al-Nusra (including 26 attacks, according to the Syrian side).

In the province of Idlib, 12 attacks were registered. In the province of Latakia: 11 attacks. In the province of Aleppo: four attacks. In the province of Hama: one shelling," said Vadim Kulit.

There is no information about the casualties or those killed in the shelling.

RearAdmiral Vadim Kulit was formerly commander of PrimorskyFlotilla.
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Government forces targeted opposition sites in the towns of Hmeimat, al-Fateira, Sufuhn, and the outskirts of Kansafra in Zawiya Mountain
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Turkish forces and the affiliated armed factions continue to bombard the villages adjacent to Ain Issa
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IDF: Hezbollah storing weapons 25 meters from a school
[JPOST] The Israeli military on Wednesday shared intelligence of a possible target belonging to Hezbollah in the southern Lebanese village of Ebba in the Nabatieh Governorate.

According to the IDF, the terrorist group is storing rockets, military-grade explosives and other weapons in a residential building just 25 m. from a school with 300 students.

The explosion of the warehouse would be half the size of the Beirut explosion of last year that killed at least 211 people and badly damaged a large part of the city.

The IDF hopes that with the disclosure, the group will remove the weapons from the building.

The IDF sent a mysterious tweet on Wednesday, posting a set of coordinates leading to Kfar Ebba.

But, should the group keep the weapons there, "the IDF will not hesitate" to destroy it, warned OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Amir Baram.

"Hezbollah consistently uses civilian assets as an operational tactic for military activity," Baram said, adding that "the IDF and the Northern Command will take all measures to reduce harm to civilians, and yet the IDF will not hesitate to destroy active targets."

Posted by: Fred || 07/15/2021 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [151 views] Top|| File under: Hezbollah

#1  At least they don't teach CRT in that school.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 07/15/2021 5:04 Comments || Top||

#2  The school hasn't been approved for ordinance storage. Yet.
Posted by: ed in texas || 07/15/2021 16:17 Comments || Top||

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