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Blasts collapse roof at Afghan mosque, killing at least 62 at Friday prayers
More on this story from yesterday.
[Al-Rooters] Multiple explosions at a mosque in eastern Afghanistan collapsed the roof on worshippers during Friday prayers, killing at least 62 and wounding more than 100, officials said.
"Verrry Islamic"
Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for Nangarhar province's governor, said bombs had been placed inside the mosque in the Jawdara area of Haska Mena district.

"People using an excavator are still working to bring out the bodies and injured from under the roof," said Sohrab Qaderi, a member of the provincial council in Nangarhar, adding that the death toll was likely to rise.

Malik Mohammadi Gul Shinwari, a tribal elder from the area, said that the mosque had been destroyed. "It was a heartbreaking scene I witnessed," Shinwari said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility but the government accused Taliban insurgents, who are fighting to reimpose strict Islamic law after their 2001 ouster by U.S.-led forces.
Posted by:Frank G

#5  although the Govt has accused the Taliban, this atrocity was not really their usual MO which involves suicide bombers followed by submachine gun attacks (or sometimes in the reverse order)

it is closer to the Al Qaeda MO which sometimes includes some considerable prep work hoping to increase the fatality count
Posted by: lord garth   2019-10-19 20:55  

#4  A terrorist doesn't do the damage an islamist does, Rambler. And every good muslim has to be an islamist.

A good, koran-believing muslim has to be an islamist of some sort. A rationalist, tolerant and/or secular muslim is a backsliding apostate. Do not err, the islamic creed is not all about violent jihad. It is about plotting to upend all of kafir civilization and build on it an enlightened era of pure islam according to mochmed.

The only thing sad about muslims dying is that they can and will not save themselves by denouncing islam altogether. Nothing stops them from admitting that centuries of islam have wrought nothing but misery.
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-10-19 18:53  

#3  Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but almost every terrorist is a Muslim.

And the sad thing is that the majority of victims of terrorism are other Muslims.
Posted by: Rambler in Virginia    2019-10-19 18:22  

#2  Long story short if you don't cave in to the Islamist the Islamist will blow your stuff up. With you in it.

That's Islam as practiced in most of the world.
Posted by: jpal   2019-10-19 16:32  

#1  For those wondering why talibaners tend to hit these sad places, this is why.

From 2012, the Jammat e islami sent hundreds of 'scholars' into Afghanistan, for the purpose of gaining the trust of mullahs there. They would be backed by funding from islamabad and arrange trustee posts and teacher positions in masjids and madarsas. There they would stay diluting, steering and controlling the native doctrines toward what is proper wahabism as practiced in the 'Stain.

Some of the native doctrine and pashtun realist ideology is not conducive to what the ISI has in mind for these people as a future federal preserve of the 'Stain. The base of doctrinal theological debate was the scholarly community, libraries piles of utter hogwash O tell you and meeting houses based in the Nangarhar province. Mosques of two kinds existed for a while, maybe some still do. There was an unwritten stalemate as to whose islam is to be given preeminence in society, until in 2014, after the elections the taliban upped their game. They began strong arming the local mosques to apooint their candidates and to preach what the Paki mullahs say. When they wouldn't they were hit. Since then, hundreds of unreported disappearances, murders and several blasts have been carried out by the taliban, but the contractors have been the ISI.

We call this the Nangarhar Peer Review. Certain neighboring agencies sympathetic to Afghan self-determination wisely take advantage of the seemingly random hits and off the Paki appointed mullahs whenever a window presents itself.
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-10-19 13:49