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At least five more Arab states want peace with Israel: Trump
The unofficially official Egyptian view of things.
[Al Ahram] At least five more Arab nations want relations with Israel, US President Donald Trump said Friday after Sudan became the latest country in the region to agree to normalize ties with the Jewish state.

"We have at least five that want to come in," Trump told reporters in the White House as he held a three-way phone conversation with the prime ministers of Israel and Sudan.

Posted by:Fred

#4  Now if Trump could get the leftist American democrats to agree to peace with Israel that would be a significant accomplishment.
Posted by: Airandee   2020-10-24 18:29  

#3  I think Morocco is considered an Arab country by most, despite its lack of proximity to the Middle East, as is Mauritania, actually (both of them could possibly agree to a peace treaty, neither have real skin in this game). I would also bet on Algeria, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. And Tunisia and Syria could both be dickering to various levels, though how serious either of them are is up for debate. Either way, it's a clear paradigm shift.
Posted by: Vernal Hatrick   2020-10-24 12:30  

#2  Lebanon will be later rather than sooner, I’d think. Hezbollah still has power there, not to mention 100,000+ rockets and missiles they continue improving.
Posted by: trailing wife   2020-10-24 10:58  

#1  Arab? Have to be Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, and Syria. Iraq would like to, but it would signal the death of that country. Ditto Kuwait. If one considers Morocco an Arab nation, then eliminate Syria or Lebanon. Tunisia possible, but it must eliminate its Muslim Brotherhood first.
Posted by: b   2020-10-24 07:03