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Home Front: Politix
Is Joe Biden = Peter Henderson in Hunter's email
[NationalPulse] Hunter Biden's e-mail account appears to show that his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, used the pseudonym "Peter Henderson" when trading e-mails with his family, the National Pulse can exclusively reveal.
Posted by:Lord Garth

#4   Peter Henderson is a KGB mole that infiltrated the US Government. In 1970, he was working as a minor Senate aide. During the planning of Boxwood Green, a secret operation to rescue Robin Zacharias and other POWs from a camp in Vietnam, Henderson outed the mission to the Soviet Union. Despite this, the mission's lead, John Kelly captured the camp's Soviet interrogator Nikolay Grishanov and used him as leverage to negotiate the transfer of Zacharias and the other POWs to Hanoi Hill where they would later be returned to the United States.

Following Kelly's return from Vietnam, CIA Agent Robert Ritter misidentified Wally Hicks as the mole which lead to his death at the hands of Kelly. Kelly used a heroin overdoes to cover up Hicks' assassination.

Henderson was later caught by the CIA in 1984 and made a double agent. In 1986, Henderson was offered his freedom due to his extensive knowledge of secret information on the Soviet Union.

Peter Henderson
Posted by: Clem   2020-10-24 09:21  

#3  /\ Yes, a CSP found on an UNCLAS laptop, that would be lovely.
Posted by: Besoeker   2020-10-24 09:21  

#2  Cover Support Plan for Joey's cover for action might be on Hunter's laptop, hee hee.
Posted by: Clem   2020-10-24 09:12  

#1  "Peter Henderson"....? A registered cover name? Did Peter have an accommodation address (post office box) somewhere in Delaware or D.C.? Driver's license, Social Security card, credit cards, or bank accounts (foreign or domestic), or ever travel on the Lolita Express in cover name ?
Posted by: Besoeker   2020-10-24 09:08