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Joe Biden debates his most worthy opponent ‐ Joe Biden (video)
Posted by:Besoeker

#5  9:17pm: Chris Wallace has completely lost control of this. He launched into an accusatory speech against Trump about health care, and when Trump cut in, Wallace said, "Lemme ask my question!" - and resumed his accusatory lecture for another minute ...

Complete joke.
Posted by: Snereth Gurly-Brown9954   2020-09-29 21:19  

#4  Jammers.
Posted by: gorb   2020-09-29 15:21  

#3  Debates rarely make a difference to the outcome. Only if Joe actually steps in the shit like Jerry Ford will his dementia change any voters' minds
Posted by: Elmosing Bourbon4765   2020-09-29 11:40  

#2  On another note, the Biden campaign won't allow a third party to inspect the ears of the debaters for electronic devices. Trump's team agreed to let it happen.
Posted by: Mullah Richard   2020-09-29 11:31  

#1  I still have a nagging thought that 'Sleepy Joe' has been sandbagging the world with his cognition and health.

He may be just letting everyone think he's old and weak, but will go 'full on' tonight (or at some future debate).

Not saying it will happen that way, but it's a possibility. He is a snake, and knows how to play the dirty game.

I'll also be looking for some form of 'pump' on his body, although one wouldn't be able to see a slow-release patch.
Posted by: Mullah Richard   2020-09-29 11:18