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Home Front: Politix
David Horowitz: The Civil War Started When Democrats Seceded From the Union in 2016
[PJ] Conservative legend David Horowitz,
...former Red Diaper baby who thought his way over to conservatism, and has since applied the activist skills of his childhood milieu to his former comrades...
author of the new bestselling book Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, gave me an exclusive interview on Newstalk 570 WSYR in Syracuse, where he revealed his shocking theory about the current political unrest that seems more plausible by the day as revelations about a coup attempt to remove the president are revealed.
We’re in a war. My book Blitz shows we’re already in a civil war. What the Democrats did in 2016 is what you call treason. They seceded from the Union for the second time, the first being with the election of Abraham Lincoln, which led to the shooting war. The reason we don’t have two armies in the field is that the federal government is too powerful so there’s nobody outside the government who can organize a military force that wouldn’t be crushed immediately. So the civil war is over who controls the executive.
Horowitz has a unique insight in the communist wing of the Democrat Party, having spent his youth agitating for the left and even connected to groups like the Black Panthers, a domestic terrorist organization. You can read about his transformation to conservatism in his excellent book Radical Son. When someone of Horowitz’s caliber and insight into the left speaks, we all should take what he says very seriously. He may be one of the only living witnesses to the horrors of the left’s assault on America in the ’60s through terror and infiltration. Horowitz continues to reveal that he knows where and when the Democrat secession meeting happened:
Five days after the 2016 election there was a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental, which is a very posh hotel in Washington, D.C. It was organized by George Soros and there were something like 400 people there including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Soros, Bernie Sanders, the Occupy Wall Street communists, the whole range of the left. What they did is form what they called a "resistance" to Trump—you remember, 70 Democrats boycotted the inauguration. This is sedition.
Horowitz also explained why the Electoral College was so important to the founders and why it is imperative to protect it in the face of Democrat attempts to abolish it.
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Posted by:Besoeker

#1  "In our Country... one class of men makes war and leaves another to fight it out."

~ General William Tecumseh Sherman
Posted by: Besoeker   2020-09-27 00:46