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-Land of the Free
In the middle of US Civil War the Czar's Fleet visited the US
[History Navy Mil]
With various people discussing a new Civil War it is worth revisiting some aspects of the last one that history kind of sweeps under the rug. In 1863 the Czar's Fleet visited the Union on both coasts. This also inhibited the greedy eyes of France and the UK. Major elements of his fleet remained in an available state until our war ended.

In addition many Russian officers served with the North including one of Sherman's generals.

Click on the story title for historical document. Google for more.

The cynic in me wonders if the Democratic President Wilson, a known KKK supporter, sent troops into Russia after WW-1 in part because Russia helped keep French and UK help from the South.
Posted by:3dc

#2  This is a lot to think about. Much to learn.
Posted by: Madder Eyed Hatfield5112   2020-09-27 14:32  

#1  This is an excellent article. I had not heard of these events. Thank you for bringing it forward.
Posted by: rammer   2020-09-27 13:03