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Two senior PKK leaders killed in Sulaimani by Turkish drone
[Rudaw] Two senior Kurdistan Communities Group (KCK), under whose umbrella Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) falls, were killed while on Mount Azmar overlooking the city of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region’s Asayesh (Security) announced on Tuesday following an investigation.

On October 15, Rudaw reported a kaboom occurring atop Mount Azmar, which is a popular destination for tourists and spot to drink alcohol and take photos.

Initially, Sulaimani’s security forces labeled it a kaboom and did not allow media to go to the scene. On Tuesday, they provided more details, stating that it was a assassination of senior PKK members.

"On October 15, 2019, between hours 17:10 to 17:15, two senior cadres of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) named Jameel and Demhat, atop Mount Azmar in a tourist location among civilians, were barbarically targeted," Kurdistan Region’s Asayesh Agency announced in a statement on Tuesday.

Following "sophisticated and dense investigations" on the "scene of the crime", they uncovered the identity of the targeted to be members of the KCK, an umbrella group under which PKK and its affiliated groups fall.

"While they had gone into that area without notifying the relevant authorities of the Kurdistan Region, they were targeted by a Ottoman Turkish drone while among civilians and in the city of Sulaimani at a tourist location," added the Asayesh.

"This is a dangerous violation, initiative and development that in no way serves shared security and co-existence," it added.

While condemning the transgression, Asayesh also called on everyone not to use the Kurdistan Region’s or Iraq’s soil to attack neighboring countries.

Kurdistan Region’s airspace is controlled by Iraq’s civil aviation authority, and even radars stationed in the region belong to Iraq. The security agency, however, vowed to keep protecting the people.

After the Asayesh statement, KCK released their own, confirming the liquidation of its members, identified as Demhat Ageed (born Sayidxan Ayaz) and Jameel Ahmed (Asar Ermak).

"The Ottoman Turkish state, through this genocide, attacked the will and spirit of national unity in all the four parts of Kurdistan. Both of our comrades, through their national and political work, always tried to strengthen the unity between Kurdish forces," KCK said.

It claimed that international and regional forces, and their "despicable partners" including spies in the area, were responsible for the liquidation.

KCK called on the Sulaimani and regional governments to "reveal" the plot against its members and "reject and condemn" The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the decaying remnant of the Ottoman Empire...
's actions.

"This genocide is in parallel with the attacks on Rojava [northern Syria]. This indicates that the Ottoman Turkish occupier attacks the Kurdish nation wherever it is," added the KCK.

Turkey’s defense ministry announced on the day the Arclight airstrike
took place that they had killed two PKK members in the Gara Region.

"As a result of a coordinated action between the Ottoman Turkish Armed Forces and National Intelligence Agency [MIT] in northern Iraq’s Gara region, two members of the PKK terrorist organization were neutralized in an airstrike," Turkey’s National Defense Ministry had said on October 15.
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