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Home Front: Politix
Elizabeth Warren warns she may cut off US aid to Israel if elected
[BIZPACREVIEW] Did Sen. Elizabeth Being Native American has been part of my story since the day I was born Warren
...Dem Senatrix from Massachussetts, who traces her noble lineage all the way back to Big Chief Spouting Bull. It has been alleged that she speaks with forked tongue but she denies that. She had a DNA test to prove her lineage and it turns out she's colorless...
, D-Mass., just touch one of the third rails of American politics?

Speaking with news hounds in Iowa, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate stated that if she becomes president, cutting off U.S. aid to Israel is a very real possibility if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not stop building settlements in the West Bank.

Warren was asked if she would make U.S. aid conditional on settlement building and she was unequivocal in saying that "everything is on the table."
So quid pro quo with a side hit of threat of military action
Democrats are searching for quid pro quo, how’s that fit the bill?

"Right now Netanyahu says that he’s going to take Israel in a direction of increasing settlements," she said. "That does not move us toward a two-state solution."

"It is the official policy of the United States of America to support a two-state solution, and if Israel is moving in the opposite direction, then everything is on the table," said the hard-left progressive.

Sen. Bernie Sanders
...The only first openly Socialist member of the U.S. Senate. Sanders was Representative-for-Life from Vermont until moving to the Senate for the rest of his life in 2006, assuming the seat vacated by Jim Jeffords. He ran for the 2016 nomination for president, to be cheated out of it by Hillary Clinton, then went back to being a socialist, waiting for 2020 to roll around...
, I-Vt., has also expressed support for using U.S. aid to pressure the Israeli government.

During an interview for the popular podcast "Pod Save America," Sanders was asked if he would consider using American aid as leverage to get the Israeli government to act differently, Haaretz reported.

"Absolutely," Sanders replied in the July interview.

Another hard-left progressive candidate running for president, Sanders tied U.S. aid to Israel with Netanyahu denying entry to Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, and Ilhan Omar
...Somali-American Dem representative from Minnesota. She is apparently married to her brother and may be her own grandmaw on her mother's side...
, D-Minn.

Omar and Tlaib, the first two Moslem women elected to Congress, have a rich history of antisemitism.

"But the idea that a member of the United States Congress cannot visit a nation which, by the way, we support to the tune of billions and billions of dollars, is clearly an outrage," Sanders said. "And if Israel doesn’t want members of the United States Congress to visit their country to get a firsthand look at what’s going on ‐ and I’ve been there many, many times ‐ but if he doesn’t want members to visit, maybe he can respectfully decline the billions of dollars that we give to Israel."

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Posted by:Fred

#21  When I open my restaurant, there will be a sign outside the front door that says:

Feel free to walk in here wearing your keffiyeh, the owner is looking forward to jamming it down your throat and watching you suffocate on it.

Yes, I know it's not practical, but it's heartwarming to think about.
Posted by: M. Murcek   2019-10-23 14:28  

#20  Carlos Delecto?
Pierre Danger?
Posted by: Lex   2019-10-23 13:28  

#19  Oprah?
Posted by: Lex   2019-10-23 13:27  

#18  This is really bad, because she is sooooo nuts, and her policies are sooooo contrary to mainstream, and now even corporate American fellow travelers, that the Democrat establishment, already in panic moade at what they see as the clown parade, will turn to the Obama's with offers so lucrative, they will bend and send in the Wookie. Trump should be unbeatable, but he is so worn down in the public eye with false accusations and his own intemperate responses at times that they have a fair chance of winning with the Wookie. The policies and focus on fixing and saving America first are powerful talking points for a re-eoection, but he just can't stop stupid and needless counterpunching, missing the strategic value of being a bit more even tempered.
Posted by: NoMoreBS   2019-10-23 13:25  

#17  ...begin the pre-election impeachment inquiry!
Posted by: Procopius2k   2019-10-23 13:24  

#16  Trump should cut off her funding and bank accounts if he is re-elected.
Posted by: DarthVader   2019-10-23 11:56  

#15  Shitshow etc
Posted by: Lex   2019-10-23 11:23  

#14  Cut off military aid to Israel and the first time they feel threatened by Iran, Syria or Lebanon they will nuke the bastards. Oh well, a little radioactive fallout from the Middle East won't hurt you.
Posted by: Abu Uluque   2019-10-23 11:05  

#13  I think Herb's loyalties might lie not with people in general, but his own academic perception of reality.
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-10-23 11:01  

#12  #6 - our bleating fool doesn't bother to look at the numbers - last numbers (2017) - it's 80% Mil Aid (grants) which they use to defend themselves with purchases of our weapons and doing our dirty work, the rest goes to "Food for Peace (loans & grants); Export-Import Bank aid; Housing Loans; Cooperative Development aid; missile defense; and, others"

Now Herb has an obsession against defending the US abroad, so it's no surprise he especially doesn't want a US Ally (and Juices, too!) to get any
Posted by: Frank G   2019-10-23 10:54  

#11  Maybe being 1/143rd Arab has also been part of her story since birth ?
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-10-23 10:48  

#10  For crying-out-loud, now, she's Palestinian? Next, she will claim LBGTQ status. She's a very confused individual.
Posted by: JohnQC   2019-10-23 10:42  

#9  Landslide 2020
Posted by: Lex   2019-10-23 10:07  

#8  She has no plan for health care.

No brain either.
Posted by: Besoeker   2019-10-23 08:37  

#7  can someone cut off her(bs) oxygen supply
Posted by: Skidmark   2019-10-23 08:35  

#6  About time. I hate Warren but she's not wrong here. The USA should not be giving aid of any kind to developed First World countries. That includes Europe.
Posted by: Herb McCoy    2019-10-23 07:36  

#5  Or John Brennan - aren't you ashamed of your vulgar Islamophobia?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2019-10-23 04:02  

#4  Finally!!! We were beginning to feel neglected. You work all your life to take over the World (with a little time for hobbies like inventing new suckling Palestinian baby cooking recipes). And what do you get? They only talk about Kurds, or Ukraine - "ambassador X told me that he overheard two cafeteria workers discussing Trump's pressuring Ukrainian president (Who is, by the way, a Jew - you didn't even notice that!) to admit that Joe Biden inappropriately touched the Prez's secretary." Or Pierre Delecto. Or, whatishername sharing a mistress with her husband.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2019-10-23 04:00  

#3  I think someone already did, that would explain a lot of things about her.
Posted by: Seeking Cure For Ignorance   2019-10-23 03:34  

#2  Congress shouldn't be allowed to visit like an inspection party anywhere. The prez and foreign secretary's word should be enough for them.
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-10-23 03:34  

#1  can someone cut off her oxygen supply
Posted by: chris   2019-10-23 01:18