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‘Chelsea bomber’ convicted in attempted murder trial stemming from New Jersey shootout with police
[PIX11] A New Jersey man already serving a life term for planting bombs in New York City has been convicted of attempted murder and assault stemming from a shootout with police three years ago.

Ahmad Khan Rahimi
...the naturalized Afghan known wolf (who came as a result of chain migration, after his father received asylum) who didn’t die a martyr in a hail of bullets as planned, after planting bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey. He was inspired by ISIS and Al Qaeda, and trained in a Taliban feeder madrassa in Pakistan. After his second stay there, his father reported him to the FBI, who, sadly, were not suffciently impressed. In the early days of the investigation his name was given as Ahmad Khan Rahami and Ahmad Khan Rahmani...
sat quietly during the reading of the verdicts Tuesday

Rahimi engaged police in a shootout after they found him in Linden, New Jersey. He fired at several officers and was maimed himself.

The jury deliberated over two days before convicting the Afghanistan-born naturalized U.S. citizen of all 30 counts.

Rahimi’s attorney argued his client acted in self-defense.

A New York jury convicted Rahimi last year of setting off a bomb, injuring 30 people. A second bomb failed to go off.

Rahimi also is charged in New Jersey with placing bombs in two locations.
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