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Tried and true methods are the best (#MeToo on Boris)
[Jpost] British Prime Minister Boris Johnson denied on Monday that he had inappropriately touched a female journalist 20 years ago, and said the public were more interested in hearing about his plans for services.

Charlotte Edwardes, a columnist, wrote in The Sunday Times that Johnson had groped her at a lunch in 1999 when he was editor of The Spectator magazine.
I still think he should change his name to Bors, and get a proper haircut!
Posted by:g(r)omgoru

#4  Call bullshit. History has established a pattern over this already.
Posted by: DarthVader   2019-09-30 21:02  

#3  I'm not a fan of Boris but this is getting ridiculous.
Posted by: European Conservative   2019-09-30 19:31  

#2  Evidently Charlotte wasn't keen on Bojo's plans for services...
Posted by: Lex   2019-09-30 19:17  

#1  Wassa motta wid "BoJo"?
Posted by: Fred   2019-09-30 19:12