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Home Front: Politix
Hey Democrats, Impeach This!
[Townhall] We battlecons are torn over the Democrats’ decision to be dumb enough to double-down on impeaching the President after three years of non-stop humiliation. Crusty Bob Mueller was a bust, their hero Michael Avenatti is looking at hard time in every sense of the word, and they were stunned to find that a huge portion of the American people thought it was pretty cool to have a POTUS who could score with Playboy Playmates.

On the one hand, it’s bad because this impeachment garbage is bad for the country. The damage it is doing to our institutions ‐ really, that our institutions are doing to themselves in their shameful service of the liberal elite’s power grabs ‐ is incalculable. Remember 10 years ago when we conservatives trusted and respected the FBI and our intelligence community? Good times. Well, that’s over. It will be decades before a woke Republican is stupid enough to trust them again.

But on the other hand, we now have an opportunity to exploit their strategic blunder in order to rip them apart next November. We have a chance to teach the Democrats, to the extent they are trainable, that their socialist-curious, corporatist nanny state dreams are electoral strychnine.

...Hunter Biden’s beyond a mere prodigal son ‐ he’s a catastrophe of Biblical proportions, compounded by Hairplug One thinking it was super-duper savvy to brag about helping his snorterrific son on video. The media will try and hide it. The Democrats will declare it ‐ have already declared it ‐ out-of-bounds and irrelevant, but they can’t gate-keep that question from being asked forever. And the answer to the question is that our liberal elite is terminally corrupt.

...This bizarre notion that it’s somehow wrong for the president to identify and investigate manifest corruption is going to play terribly outside the Beltway and the coastal enclaves. The purple district Democrats who got elected in 2018 are sweating, knowing that they did not get sent to DC to be "yes people" for the likes of The Squad. Nancy Pelosi knows it too. She’s evil, but cunning, and she understands that the GOP under Trump can’t be shamed away from going for her tenuous majority’s jugular.
Posted by:g(r)omgoru

#6  Well, you see, the problem isn't guns, just who has them.
Posted by: M. Murcek   2019-09-30 07:45  

#5  Just get friendly with a mosque
Posted by: Bright Pebbles   2019-09-30 07:39  

#4  Probably easier to get AK-47 in EUrope than in USA.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2019-09-30 07:37  

#3  ...except their EUropean siblings had disarmed their population first.
Posted by: Procopius2k   2019-09-30 07:34  

#2  As I said yesterday, I think they're trying to incite their followers to action - the way their EUropean siblings solved the Pim Fortuyn problem.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru   2019-09-30 04:11  

#1  From author and historian Peter Tsouras:

Some thoughts on the current screaming and shouting over impeachment.

The Dems are claiming that because the President stored his conversations with leaders on a special SCI safe as evidence that he had something to hide. A former NSC official said that the storing of presidential conversations with foreign leaders in special storage was initiated three years ago after conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia were leaked. Seems eminently reasonable to me given the level of disloyalty to their oaths exhibited by so many Dems in the Civil Service. It’s called a cabal engaged in a conspiracy. This so-called whistle-blower is a clear example. Previous to August whistle-blower claims had to be first-hand. In August the rules were changed to allow second-hand allegations. Then the whistle-blower claim was made shortly thereafter. It cannot have been just a coincidence; it was simply too convenient given that the allegation required long and careful preparation. Also in August it is clear that Schiff already had knowledge of the accusation. Furthermore, the whistle-blower’s formal accusation is clearly the product of a legal firm. The document is also larded with footnotes citing to one of the organizations belonging to the malignant America-hating George Soros. Sounds like the conspiracy of a cabal to me.

The President embodies the executive branch. He is the ultimate classification authority. He can do whatever storage means he damn-well pleases for documents.

Furthermore, the President as the chief law-enforcement officer of the United States, has the authority and, indeed, the responsibility to inquire of foreign leaders if high U.S. officials had engaged in corruption. Being a candidate for president does not give the corrupt official a pass. Trump was also trying to trace the Russian collusion allegations to their source. Those allegations were the product of the Dems engaging through Steele with the Russian FSB to influence our election.

That viper Schiff is now demanding the transcripts of other presidential conversations with foreign leaders. The Dems don’t care if they cripple the presidency’s ability with foreign leaders as long as it will help them destroy Trump.

Schiff only sees wrong-doing out of his right eye. That crowd had to work hard to avoid Clinton’s blatant selling her office. She took 145 million in contributions from Russian oligarchs for the Clinton Foundation; all of them have close ties to Putin. But, of course, you know that Russian oligarchs are the paragons of selfless altruism. The Dems had to work hard to defend her despite her criminal behavior with her server and emails, and the destruction of the server and deletion of the emails despite Congressional supeonas. I tell you that at least six foreign intelligence services have read her emails.

What we are seeing is a coup not just against Trump but against constitutional government. It’s as if a rabid dog was let loose in the Democrat caucus. A form of rabid dog, indeed, has been let loose. It is called Marxism and all its variations in the totalitarian left. The Democrats are behaving with all the political morals of communists and with all their party discipline. Pelosi and the other party leaders have done nothing to drive these dangerous people and their dangerous ideas out of the party. The communists always believed that the Democrats were the one party that was most vulnerable to infiltration, probably because of the inordinate number of useful idiots that are attracted to it. That was true in the 1930s and the war years of the 1940s when with the cooperation of the Roosevelt administration they allowed communist agents of the Soviet intelligence services to gain control of the security offices of the policy-making departments of the government. Only with the Cold War did they rouse themselves to drive most of these people out of their party. With the Vietnam War these people crept back into the party, and this time they were not driven out. As in every other institution they penetrate they have been able to gain control.

Just look at what they have done to the institutions of education. The elite universities have been turned into totalitarian nurseries. These students have been indoctrinated to suppress free speech through intimidation and even violence. These same people will be the future government elites. How do you think they will behave once they control the police powers of the state? That really focuses the need to protect the 2nd Amendment. When these elites send the police to break down your door, they should expect to receive counter-battery fire.

Posted by: Besoeker   2019-09-30 03:50