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Home Front: Culture Wars
Cold office temperatures are hurting women's productivity, study says
Posted by:g(r)omgoru

#3  Finally a study by millennial scientists that found a biological difference between men and women.

Next up : Trump Gifts Capitol Building Brand New Air Conditioning.
Posted by: Dron66046   2019-05-24 14:11  

#2  Wouldn't the extra air conditioning contribute to gerbil worming?
Posted by: gorb   2019-05-24 09:43  

#1  Two women hired to deliver bread out of bread trucks claimed it was inhuman not to have air conditioning. They didn't last long. This delivery has been done this way for many years. Men never complained. I am hearing this complaint from people who work in factories not air conditioned. Snowflakes are failing in most hard work environments (men or women).
Posted by: Dale   2019-05-24 09:06