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Home Front: Politix
Hickenlooper offers something different in crowded Democratic field: A detailed history of his sexual conquests
[Washington Times] If Democratic voters are struggling to see what sets John Hickenlooper apart from the 2020 pack they need to look no further than his autobiography, which outlines in excruciating detail his quest to lose his virginity and, seemingly, every sexual exploit since.

The candidate's book, The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics, outlines the journey from a child in the Philadelphia suburbs to the president of a brewing company, mayor of Denver, and then governor of Colorado.

Sprinkled throughout is the minutiae of his angst-ridden relationships with women, named and unnamed. A Washington Examiner analysis totaled Hickenlooper's declared sexual partners at seven, including his two wives. Even his experience of the 9/11 terrorism attacks is viewed through the prism of whom he was in bed with at the time.
He even discusses going to porno-theaters with his mother!
Posted by:3dc

#12  I got presented a years of service honor years ago that my supervisor insisted that I go so she could accompany me to his office. A real pain in the butt having to go downtown, parking etc to listen to his crap. I was prepared to make a few comments that I was upset about at the time thinking to make the trip worthwhile, but thought better of it as my supervisor adored Looper. I kind of wished once there that she wasn't so I could speak freely.
Yeah I was a chicken when it came to job security having seen some get transferred to other units or to night shift by this supervisor, the hospital was getting rid of experienced nurses for new grads using all kinds of stupid reasons.
When he learned my last name he asked me if I was related to someone he knew, I said yes pulling his leg, little did I know....
Posted by: Jan   2019-03-23 16:51  

#11  When I lived in Denver my neighbor drunkenly informed me her boss, 'Hicke', was hosing his office staff.
Posted by: Skidmark   2019-03-23 12:52  

#10  Anything about taking Colorado out on a date, getting her good and stoned, then stealing her highway funding?
Posted by: swksvolFF   2019-03-23 12:49  

#9  That's gay.
Posted by: Ulolutch Omeamp6391   2019-03-23 12:41  

#8  Is it just me, or does Hickenlooper sort of rhyme with Schicklgruber?
Posted by: M. Murcek   2019-03-23 12:21  

#7  TMI. There are those of us who would prefer not to know.
Posted by: Abu Uluque   2019-03-23 10:55  

#6  No one I'd wish to have a pint with.
Posted by: Besoeker   2019-03-23 09:34  

#5  If you have to brag about your "conquests" and taking your mom to the pr0n theater... something is seriously fucked up in your brainpan.
Posted by: DarthVader   2019-03-23 09:30  

#4  He’s a real stud.
Posted by: Tyranysaurus Clavith3514   2019-03-23 07:13  

#3  declared sexual partners at seven

So you could count it on two hands, assuming both of which were his own...
Posted by: Frank G   2019-03-23 05:57  

#2  Well that's one way to prevent skeletons from coming out of your closet.
Posted by: Herb McCoy    2019-03-23 03:10  

#1  Seven? That's it?
Posted by: Raj   2019-03-23 00:46