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Ukrainian President: Army is one of the most reliable guarantees of citizens' security and independence
[Defense Blog] Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visited the training center of the airborne troops of airborne troops in Zhytomyr region and congratulated the military on the Day of the Airborne Troops.

"Ancient and recent history taught us that the most reliable guarantee of our Ukrainian state independence and security of Ukrainian citizens is our army. These are people in uniform, professional, patriotic, courageous defenders of the people and the state," the Head of State emphasized. He added that these are soldiers who over the past four years literally resurrected the Ukrainian Armed Forces, brought them out of ruins, learnt to fight and win. "Therefore, every visit to the military is not only a demanding test of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, but also a very good opportunity to express gratitude to you, dear warriors, for your military service from all Ukrainians," the President said.

"The repelling of Russian aggression has clearly demonstrated excellent professional and moral-psychological training, patriotism and high moral qualities of the units of the airborne troops," the Head of State remarked. For courage and heroism demonstrated in the battles with Russian invaders, more than 7,000 paratroopers were rewarded with state awards and honors from the President of Ukraine, while twelve servicemen were granted the highest state award ‐ the Golden Star of the Hero of Ukraine. "Unfortunately, the war is not only a victory. 487 "winged infantrymen" did not return from combat missions and were killed in fierce battles with the Russian aggressor. Eternal memory and eternal glory to them," the Head of State noted. The attendees honored the deceased with a moment of silence.

The President thanked the defenders for being loyal to military duty and oath and wished them good health, the invincibility of spirit and new successes and victories for the good of Ukraine.
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