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Olde Tyme Religion
Linda Sarsour: Muslims Mustn't Make The Mistake Of ‘Humanizing' Jews
[RedState] At Houston’s Islamic Society of North America conference ‐ the biggest annual meet-up of Muslims in the U.S. ‐ lightning rod radical Linda "Hamas Louse" Sarsour charged her fellow Islamists with making sure not to mistake Jews for human beings.

Sarsour is, of course, a darling of the Left, having earned an arrest Tuesday for her interruption of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing (please see my article here). Most ridiculously, perhaps, the defender of Sharia law paradoxically led 2017 and 2018’s anti-Trump Womens March.
Don't complain when you'll force us to become devils.
Posted by:g(r)omgoru

#4  Dial it back, Silentbrick. Islamists, for sure
Posted by: Frank G   2018-09-09 12:49  

#3  Cleanup on comment #2.
Posted by: Herb McCoy   2018-09-09 12:22  

#2  Muslims are not human. They have resigned from humanity and have forfeited any and all claim to humanity. They should be destroyed
Posted by: Silentbrick   2018-09-09 10:31  

#1  Proving the points, don't make the mistake of humanizing islam. Nor confuse jihadists with humans.

Thank you Sarswhore.
Posted by: Woodrow   2018-09-09 07:53