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-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Eilat coral reef defies expectations and regenerates after fish farming damage
[IsraelTimes] The resilience of Red Sea coral fascinates scientists, who try to understand why the marine life fares well in heat and seems immune to the bleaching which plagues other reefs.
Could it possibly be that, like so much else, the answer is more complicated than so loudly claimed?
While coral reefs around the world are getting sicker as a result of global warming, the reef in the southern Israeli port city of Eilat is thriving despite years of damage caused by intensive fish farming in the waters and global warming.

According to a Hadashot TV news report on Friday, the healthy coral marks a victory against the damage caused by humans to underwater marine life.

From 1995-2008, waste from multiple “cages” for fish farming caused massive damage to the Red Sea coral, but after environmental and diving groups petitioned the government and appropriate authorities, the cages were removed and the coral has now bounced back.
Posted by:trailing wife

#6  That’s marvelous, Bobby.
Posted by: trailing wife   2018-09-09 22:58  

#5  Then there is this [HT to Alexa. Finally, something interesting from Alexa.]
Great Barrier Reef Shows Signs of Recovering
Posted by: Bobby   2018-09-09 11:19  

#4  Florida and the Bahamas are mostly coral, that used to be underwater.
Posted by: Bobby   2018-09-09 11:16  

#3  How well does coral grow with a mile of ice above it?
Posted by: Bright Pebbles   2018-09-09 08:59  

#2  As a long time diver, I have seen it. High temps damage shallow reefs and then they recover, sometimes in 10 years or so. Deep reefs are protected by upwelling of cold water. It's a natural process which has been going on far longer than we have been aware of it. 70 years ago hardly anyone went scuba diving.
Posted by: Albemarle Gray4543   2018-09-09 01:29  

#1  While coral reefs around the world are getting sicker as a result of global warming,

What a load of crap. Coral reefs have been around for millions of years and are very, very slow growth, which is then used to sell the rubes that this is proof of 'global warming', 'global cooling' or whatever's on sale this week.
Posted by: Raj   2018-09-09 00:47