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Basra airport targeted by rocket fire as violent protests grip Iraq
[ARABNEWS] Basra airport was targeted by rocket fire on Saturday after a night of protests over perceived misrule by Iraq's political elite during which demonstrators torched the Iranian consulate and briefly took oilfield workers hostage.
Welcome to Tripoli...
That's be the third one, right?
Oh my goodness, you’re right: Tripoli, Lebanon, and now Iraq.
Iraqi security sources said three Katyusha rockets fired by unknown assailants had hit the perimeter of the airport, although no damage or casualties had been reported. The US Consulate is adjacent to Basra's airport.

An official at the Iraqi airport said there was no disruption to operations, and flights were taking off and landing as normal.

The attack came shortly after a citywide curfew was lifted and hours after the reopening of Iraq's main seaport of Umm Qasr where protesters had blocked the port's entrance, forcing a halt to all operations.

Another citywide curfew for Basra will come into effect at 4pm local time, Iraqi officials announced Saturday.

Posted by:Fred

#3  Delightful, Jumbo Ebbitle2941. :-)
Posted by: trailing wife   2018-09-09 23:07  

#2  From the halls of Hill and Huma to the triple Tripoli?
Posted by: Jumbo Ebbitle2941   2018-09-09 16:52  

#1  In honor of the passing of John McShame, Trump should drop Dubya on Basra with a JDAM kit attached to his ass.
Posted by: M. Murcek   2018-09-09 10:13