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Efforts Underway To Restrict Taliban Movements In Faryab
[ToloNews] Following reports on a potential threat to Faryab’s center, local officials said a proper security plan is under implementation to ensure Taliban
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movements are restricted on the outskirts of Maimana City, the historic provincial capital.

Faryab governor Naqibullah Fayiq said establishing outposts on the outskirts of the city and increasing the number of army forces are part of the security plan.

"We admit that we have lost many areas over the past three years, but we will not let any other area to fall to Death Eaters. We will use all our resources to make this happen. We will not let anyone to enter Maimana City for war," Fayiq told TOLOnews on Thursday.

Some units of public uprising forces have also been deployed on the outskirts of the city to help government forces in their mission against the Taliban.

One member of the public uprising forces said they have been deployed by government.

"I have been assigned as head of the group in this outpost by government. We are here to serve the people," said Yar Mohammad Cherik, a public uprising force member.

Zabihullah, a commander of the public uprising forces, said they will not allow the Taliban to attack Maimana City.

"This area is the first line of the battle. We are tired of witnessing liquidations therefore we are here to stand against the enemies of the country. We will not allow them to attack the city," said Zabihullah, who pointed out to areas from which Taliban conduct sporadic attacks on their outposts outside Maimana City.

Among army soldiers deployed outside Maimana was Faizullah, a former Taliban fighter, who joined government forces four months back.

"We are here to stand besides our brothers to fight against anyone who is against this country and anyone who is the enemy of this country," said Faizullah.

Faryab has witnessed heavy festivities between government forces and Taliban over the past few months. Residents of the province said last week that they are concerned about their security. They said the province will fall to bully boyz if government stays reluctant to take any step against it.

Faryab has changed into an insecure province over the past three years. Talibs are now controlling most parts of the province, according to local officials.

"The majority of areas are under control of the Taliban," Faryab governor said last month but added that "only Bialchiragh (district) is fully under Taliban control ‐ but they do not have full control over any other district in Faryab."
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