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Afghan forces and Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in Paktia clashes
[KhaamaPress] The Afghan security and Talibs suffered heavy casualties during the festivities in two districts of Paktia province in Southeast of Afghanistan.

The provincial government media office in a statement said at least 28 Talibs were killed during the festivities with the security forces in Zurmat and Jani Khel districts.

The statement further added that 9 holy warriors were also tossed in the clink
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and several others sustained injuries during the festivities.

According to the governor’s office, at least 7 of the holy warriors were killed during an operation of the Afghan forces in Zurmat district on Monday and a stockpile of weapons, munitions, and explosives were destroyed.

A clash also took place between the Afghan forces and the Talibs on Monday night in the vicinity of Jani Khel district, leaving at least 21 holy warriors dead, the statement said.

The provincial government in its statement also added that four security personnel belonging to the National Police, Public Order police, and Afghan National Army bit the dust and six others sustained injuries.
Tolo News adds:
At least 21 armed Taliban insurgents were killed on Monday night in a clash between Afghan forces and Taliban insurgents, Paktia governor’s office said Tuesday.

According to officials, the clash broke out on Monday night at around midnight in Janikhel district when Taliban insurgents attacked security check posts in the district. The clash reportedly ended on Tuesday morning at about 8am local time.

Dozens of insurgents were wounded in the clash, officials added.

During the attack four security forces were killed and six others were wounded.

However a security source from Paktia said that 16 security force members were killed in the clash with the Taliban and 12 others were wounded.

The governor’s office rejected Taliban’s claims that the district had fallen to the militant group.

Taliban said in a statement on Tuesday that their fighters captured the district and killed a number of security forces.

The office said that during the Taliban’s clash the militants suffered heavy casualties and repelled the attack.

Meanwhile, Taj Mohammad Mangal, a Paktia provincial council member, told TOLOnews that a local police check post collapsed to the Taliban in Kotkai area of Janikhel district of Pakita province but did not give information on causalities.

Janikhel borders Pakistan and some parts of the district have for a while been insecure.
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