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Spare change?
It's been awhile since we've had a bleg. I always hate to ask. I feel like I'm promising to gladly pay you Tuesday for a donation today. (Wait. Today's Tuesday. Make that Saturday.)

Still, the Burg costs money to run. Software's mostly free, but the hosting company charges us, and we have hardware costs. We've got the server in Baltimore and a backup server that currently lives in my bedroom and is about to change backup methods. And then there's the cost of beer and gin and Thunderbird...

I try to keep the blegging to a minimum, but every once in a while I have to. So if you've got it, please help keep us going. We've been around longer than most, coming up on 17 full years. With your help we'll be around for a few more years.
Posted by:Fred

#32  Test
Posted by: Fairbanks   2018-09-08 22:43  

#31  So how do I contribute?

My apologies for the delay in responding, Sock Puppet of Doom. There is a PayPal portal in the right margin, below the yellow box and advertising for Fred’s and badanov’s books. The portal also takes credit cards. Or, as seen at the top of that yellow box, one can email Fred directly to ask him where to send a check, cash, money order, flowers and chocolates, VSOP cognac, or even a new server, should one be so moved.
Posted by: trailing wife   2018-09-08 12:10  

#30  Incoming!
And many thanks.
Posted by: USN, Ret.   2018-09-07 16:38  

#29  Check on the way, Fred. And many thanks!
Posted by: Barbara   2018-09-07 11:30  

#28  ...non-traceable buy at the store refillable credit cards. Worked for Obama in '08.
Posted by: Procopius2k   2018-09-06 20:32  

#27  So how do I contribute?

non-sequential bills? nothing larger than a $20?
Posted by: Sock Puppet of Doom   2018-09-06 10:22  

#26  Obama and Hillary are for change so ask them!
Posted by: Skunky Craick2187   2018-09-06 07:02  

#25  sent via paypal. Great site as always!
Posted by: Ptah   2018-09-06 05:40  

#24  The PayPal portal doesn't work for me - I'll try something else soon.
Posted by: Fairbanks   2018-09-06 02:26  

#23  They're impossibly narrow, and broad;
There's lots to applaud, but they're flawed.
Not much is beneath 'em,
And as to belief...
Um... I'm awed at how odd they are!

Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220   2018-09-05 23:53  

#22  And good on you sir. Courage in the face of uncertainty. I like your point of view sir or madam. Say God like you mean it. :)
Posted by: Whiskey Mike   2018-09-05 23:02  

#21  Now you guys know my true identity. Damn.

Only Fred will, dear jvalentour. The moderators, as Frank G. noted, don’t have anything to do with that side of things, thank goodness. So even if tortured, we cannot tell. ;-)
Posted by: trailing wife   2018-09-05 21:42  

#20  I have no issue with writing/saying God, and if he's who/what I think he is, he doesn't either - bigger issues and all that, along with a sense of humor - he created us, after all? He's not Valdemort.

Further, none of the mods (AFAIK) know any of your payment/personal info. I know I don't, and don't want to.
Posted by: Frank G   2018-09-05 21:20  

#19  Umm, so your email address didn't work. So I put it on a credit card. Now you guys know my true identity. Damn.
Enjoy the site, let me know when I can say (write) God with out pissing off special people!
Posted by: jvalentour   2018-09-05 20:43  

#18  I avoided the crowds, sent mine last week.
Posted by: Angeter Peacock   2018-09-05 16:14  

#17  Keeping the RB machine running, sent in a paypal donation today. Yayyyyy!!!!!
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2018-09-05 16:14  

#16  Sent via Paypal link.
Posted by: airandee   2018-09-05 13:10  

#15  Keep up the good work, Fred and mods.
Posted by: Abu Uluque   2018-09-05 11:03  

#14  Sent. Maybe enough to purchase a very small whizbang gizmo. Will send more as retirement budget allows. Thanks Fred for a great website.
Posted by: JohnQC   2018-09-05 10:45  

#13  Sent. And many thanks from lefse town.
Posted by: Woodrow   2018-09-05 06:43  

#12  where can I send you cash

746 dear, in the righthand margin there is a yellow box in which the second item says E-Mail Me. Click on that, and you’ll get a form to email directly to Fred. Ask him on that, and he’ll tell you.

Posted by: trailing wife   2018-09-04 23:25  

#11  I wish it could be more, right now I'm donating to Republican candidates, after the election I'll donate more. Thanks for all you do it's really appreciated. I love Rantburg
Posted by: Jan   2018-09-04 22:07  

#10  Sent.
Posted by: Besoeker   2018-09-04 19:07  

#9  The usual. Thanks, Fred, and all your associates for keeping this going for sol long!
Posted by: Bobby   2018-09-04 18:59  

#8  My first stop of the day (after email and obits). Keep up the good work.
Posted by: jpal   2018-09-04 17:04  

#7  Paypalled, Fred
Posted by: Frank G   2018-09-04 16:27  

#6  Sent.
Posted by: Whiskey Mike   2018-09-04 15:24  

#5  where can I send you cash, I hate Paypal, they ripped me off once and I dont go back
Posted by: 746   2018-09-04 14:26  

#4  PP too. Thanks
Posted by: Procopius2k   2018-09-04 12:07  

#3  PayPal sent! Thanks, Fred!
Posted by: KBK   2018-09-04 08:39  

#2  Look for an envelope in your mailbox in a few days, Fred.
Posted by: trailing wife   2018-09-04 08:19  

#1  Here's a little for Tip Jar in honor of all the fine reading over the years
Posted by: magpie   2018-09-04 02:17