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Kurdish forces kill two Turkish servicemen in Syria’s Afrin
[ALMASDARNEWS] At least two Ottoman Turkish soldiers and two Syrian rebel fighters were killed when Kurdish forces targeted their checkpoint in Afrin region, northern Syria.

According to a statement released by YPG press office, a Kurdish unit carried out a ’sabotage operation’ against a checkpoint jointly run by Ottoman Turkish Army and al-Hamza Division; a Tukish-backed FSA faction.

The operation, which took place in Barbana village of Rajo district, completely destroyed the checkpoint, killing 2 Ottoman Turkish servicemen and 2 FSA myrmidons, and injuring several others.

Scores of FSA-affiliated myrmidons, including senior commanders, have been assassinated recently by Kurdish units since the Syrian rebels ‐ backed by Ottoman Turkish military ‐ took over Afrin last March.
Posted by:Fred

#1  Thats a start. More. Make the Turks bleed for Erdogan and his attempted occupation.
Posted by: Injun Bucket8891   2018-09-01 17:08