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Russia denies it was behind air raid in Afghanistan
[Aljazeera] Afghan officials said clashes broke out between drug smugglers and Tajik border guards before the attack.

Russia has said it was not behind an air attack in northern Afghanistan and its military aircraft has not been conducting any operations near Afghanistan's border with Tajikistan, the RIA news agency said citing the Russian Ministry of Defence.

On Monday, two Afghan government officials said a Tajik or Russian plane bombed the northeastern Durqad district of Takhar province in Afghanistan, during a clash between gunmen and Tajik border guards.

Afghan local media, quoting the provincial governor's spokesman Mohammad Jawed Hejri, said clashes broke out on Sunday afternoon between drug smugglers in Afghanistan and Tajik border guards.
Posted by:Besoeker

#1  I guess that because no civilians, goats, or donkeys were killed, the Russkies are embarrassed over their poor aim.
Posted by: Sock Puppet of Doom   2018-08-27 21:46