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Southeast Asia
Thai police seek 11 bombing suspects
[Bangkok Post] A Thai court has issued arrest warrants for 11 people sought in connection to ten bombings in Pattani province last month. On February 11, several explosions took place across Yaring, Yarang and Sai Buri districts. An investigation found that the perpetrators had either used explosive-rigged bicycles in the attacks or rode bikes to plant bombs. Nine people were injured during the attacks.

Of the 11 suspects sought by authorities, six have been arrested. They are Mahamasopri Sengdamalae, Isma-ae Yaena, Muhama Yuso, Asman Kaza, Sulkifli Jarong and Manaser Japakiya. Those who remain at large are Suhaimee Jarong, Kuma Lueba, Marudi Shima, Ahamad Itae and Fiadi Abdullahtae.

Maj Gen Jatuporn said that seven suspects held a meeting to plot the February 11 attacks in tambon Khao Tum of Yarang district beforehand. The group was led by Mr Mahamasopri.
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