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Gunfire Erupts near Minister Hajj Hasan's Baalbek Residence
[An Nahar] A shooting broke out on Sunday near the residence of caretaker Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan in Baalbek reportedly over family disputes that the Hizbullah minister has nothing to do with.

"A dispute between the head of al-Khodor Municipality and members of the Hajj Hasan family erupted into gunfire on the public road in the Baalbek area of Hawsh al-Nabi, where the residence of Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan is located," MTV said.

"The house was hit by two gunshots," the TV network added.

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LBCI television said "unknown gunnies opened fire near Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan's residence in Baalbek's Hawsh al-Nabi over family disputes."

But Hajj Hasan himself denied to OTV that his Baalbek residence had come under gunfire.

Later on Sunday, Hizbullah issued a statement saying "reports of unknown gunnies opening fire on the residence of the agriculture minister are totally baseless," urging media outlets to "seek accuracy before publishing such news."
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