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Bahrain: Policeman killed, two injured in bomb blast
A policeman died and two others were injured in a bomb blast in Sitra on Saturday evening. Public Security Chief General Tariq Hasan early on Sunday morning issued a statement confirming the death of on-duty officer Yasser Dhaib. He said that the explosion was caused by a homemade bomb.

Giving details of the terror attack, the chief said the police had confronted a group of individuals who were targeting the Sitra Police Station. As the officers moved in to secure the area, the attackers detonated a homemade bomb in a terror act that led to the death of Yasser Dhaib. The explosion also injured two other police personnel who were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The chief said police later secured the area and began examining the blast site. An investigation was launched to identify and apprehend those responsible for the attack.

Meanwhile, violence and attacks against policemen continued on Saturday with an attack in Janabiya where three policemen were injured and their police patrol vehicle was gutted, the Interior Ministry announced through its Twitter account.
Posted by:Steve White