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Africa North
Report: Egyptian Chopper Fired Missile At Gunmen In El-Arish
[Ynet] An Egyptian army helicopter fired a missile at a car carrying Islamist gunnies who tried to attack the airport in the city of El-Arish in the Sinai Peninsula overnight, the Al-Ahram newspaper's website reported.

There were no reports of any deaths as a result of the missile fire.
So the Egyptian Army still can't shoot straight...
Posted by:trailing wife

#3  Egyptian Chopper Fired Missile At Gunmen Proll'y in response to the Dreaded Shake Shoe (see earlier post)
Posted by: USN, Ret.   2013-07-05 16:44  

#2  Someone needs to tell them that Michael Bay is not a legitimate arms dealer.
Posted by: Rob Crawford   2013-07-05 15:55  

#1  So the Egyptian Army still can't shoot straight...

Mebbe they turned the chopper 90 degrees and fired sideways like they seen in all them cool rap videos.
Posted by: Dopey Sinatra9196   2013-07-05 15:31