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Woman rescued after fainting on escalator and getting her hair stuck in the moving stairs
[DAILYMAIL.CO.UK] A 32-year-old woman who fainted while she was riding an escalator got her hair caught in the teeth of the metal stairs, suffering severe injuries.

The woman, who has not been named, collapsed at the West 125th Street station at Broadway, in New York, about 3.30pm yesterday. The escalator continued to drag her body up as it moved. She is believed to fainted because she suffers from epilepsy.

Emergency workers had to shut down the escalator so they could free the woman, who suffered cuts to her face, legs and arms. A large chunk of her hair was ripped out of her head.

She was taken to hospital and is said to be in stable condition.

'She seemed in pain,' Mark Viloria, 30, who saw the woman as medics brought her to an ambulance told the New York Daily News.
No! Re-e-e-e-ally?
Posted by:Fred

#10  Hey Bucko, I was commenting on you, and your foe earnestness proves my point. See, you were all caught up in trying to poke someone in the chest and missed the easy layup of your door-to-door vacuum salesman zeal.

So yeah, kinda sound like a dork. The caterwauling seems fit.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2013-07-05 22:59  

#9  it'll get even better - for every Californian, R or D or whatever

We'll see.
Posted by: Pappy   2013-07-05 21:09  

#8  Black humor is Rantburg's calling card

Now we are all racists, never leave the house without that card, pathetic
Posted by: Beavis   2013-07-05 20:08  

#7  Swks - spare me the faux-earnestness. Black humor is Rantburg's calling card, from the snarky comments interspersed with each story to the bad puns to the fake dime novel witticisms.

This particular story was posted after one on Anna Chapman's love-tweet and before the one titled "tea Homeowner Hogties Attempted Burglar." So enough with the fake piety and crocodile tears.
Posted by: Lex    2013-07-05 20:03  

#6  Not me, Jack. I and my family live in a state that's finally throwing off the yoke - of corrupt and predatory insurers like UnitedHealth. No more DOB for the made-up, BS notion of a "pre-existing condition." No more signing up for a plan and then seeing the insurer jack up our rates over 50% within four months of our signing.

Of course, my tax dollars will still heavily fund the plans of millions of ACA-haters who rely on a trillion in annual taxpayer subsidies, but whatever. We're finally moving in the right direction, thank God. With effective insurance regulation after next year's ballot initiative passes, it'll get even better - for every Californian, R or D or whatever.
Posted by: Lex    2013-07-05 19:55  

#5  we are all on the escalator to serfdom

It appears that one of us is enjoying the ride.
Posted by: Pappy   2013-07-05 18:31  

#4  Dork Dipshit
Posted by: Frank G   2013-07-05 13:24  

#3  No, let me expand on that.

Obviously you have never seen a person scalped, neverming having gloves on the blood while trying not to hear the screams.

Instead you gloat over this person's misery, and at that totally off topic. Here you have a chance to donald duck about the greatedness of her having auto cover and you: police state?

Posted by: swksvolFF   2013-07-05 12:04  

#2  Dork.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2013-07-05 11:54  

#1  Police state alert! Thus is it ever with "public" transit.
Woe and betide: verily, we are all on the escalator to serfdom.
Posted by: Lex   2013-07-05 11:42