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-Short Attention Span Theater-
Big Data Predicts Super Bowl Outcome: Geeks Win
May your team play well, whichever it is. Even if, like me, you're really just watching for the commercials.
Posted by:Mike Ramsey

#9  Final score: Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31.
Posted by: trailing wife   2013-02-03 22:57  

#8  28-19 BALTIMORE, as per Drudge.
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2013-02-03 22:42  

#7  Daaad!

Mom's showing off her hooch again!

Hush dear, that's how we are paying for our new boat.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2013-02-03 22:10  

#6  Maybe they can find a Geek to put the lights back on...
Posted by: tu3031   2013-02-03 20:39  

#5  Not today it looks like...
Posted by: tu3031   2013-02-03 20:33  

#4  Heck, I could've given 2:1 for SF, but been wrong about BA twice now.

Any rate, if the program doesn't take into account a player being so drug'd up they make a critical professionalism penalty, or just crappy refs, its just fluff.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2013-02-03 14:33  

#3  If I have the TV on tonight (I guess it's tonight?), it will be to watch the Puppy Bowl. :-D
Posted by: Barbara   2013-02-03 11:08  

#2  Nate was sports way before politics.
Posted by: Shipman   2013-02-03 08:56  

#1   the website has already run 50,000 simulations of Sunday’s big game and has the San Francisco 49ers winning 66.9 percent of the time over the Baltimore Ravens with a final score of 28 to 21

Nate, you called the superbowl of politics. Stick to politics.
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-02-03 08:21