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Caribbean-Latin America
Argentine destroyer that led war against Britain sinks
Oh noes. Nice pic at the link. Took a 90 degree list at dock...
Argentina's defense chief says he's ashamed over the sinking of a mothballed Navy destroyer, an incident that critics say reflects the abandonment of a once-proud fleet.
Christina: "somehow this is the fault of those bastard colonialist Brits.We will have our revenge!"
The Argies had been using the ship as a source of spare parts. That'll be easier now as long as they don't mind a little salt corrosion. Or perhaps they could teach damage control to their sailors.
Posted by:Frank G

Argentine Destroyer capsizes while docked.

Ticket sales to tour the destroyer are way up!
Posted by: junkiron   2013-01-26 23:02  

Michelle Obama rolls eyes - Ship tips over!
Posted by: junkiron   2013-01-26 22:13  

#20  It's like Angles and Dangles but with a destroyer rather than a submarine. And while still dockside.
Posted by: SteveS   2013-01-26 21:15  

#19  Just me, but I don't think you are supposed to use the hull plating for spare parts
Posted by: Cheaderhead   2013-01-26 21:12  

#18  Inclining experiment gone bad.
Posted by: KBK   2013-01-26 20:26  

#17  C'mon Rambler; quit interjectng logic into it; the lowbrow masses were happier until then....
Posted by: USN,Ret.   2013-01-26 19:13  

#16  It was completely unmanned, unsecured. Pretty much abandoned. COrroded sea valve and no one watching until the moment of thrill happened.

/I got yur metacentric heigh rite here buddy

Posted by: Shipman   2013-01-26 16:17  

#15  Hey, look on the bright side: at least it doesn't have a big-ass boulder embedded in it's backside. Plus, it's close to the dock, so it's easy to work on.

Two years, tops, until it's right as rain again.
Posted by: Muggsy Mussolini1226   2013-01-26 16:16  

#14  gonna need to extend that gangway
Posted by: Frank G   2013-01-26 15:28  

#13  Coming soon to a Sequestration near you...
Posted by: Pappy   2013-01-26 15:25  

#12  Yeah, but they couldn't sell tours of the Belgrano. They could of the destroyer.
Posted by: Thing From Snowy Mountain   2013-01-26 15:08  

#11  Only Belgrano and the submarines moved against the British. Rest of fleet was in the harbour.
Posted by: Phaith Grique4599   2013-01-26 14:59  

#10  The orange oil spill boom does not look very useful, hanging up in the air like that.
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2013-01-26 14:38  

#9  If they were robbing the destroyer of spare parts, someone may have been robbing a seacock......just speculating......
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2013-01-26 14:37  

#8  HA-HA!
Posted by: DarthVader   2013-01-26 14:12  

#7  USN Ret - True dat, but only on the starboard side. As Dr Steve says, the challenge comes when you want to do the port side.
Posted by: Rambler in Virginia   2013-01-26 13:35  

#6  "We're done with this side, sir! Flip 'er over!"
Posted by: Steve White   2013-01-26 13:26  

#5  Putting a positive spin on this: it does make it easier to clean the barnacles from the hull and also the prop.......
Posted by: USN,Ret.   2013-01-26 12:38  

#4  Remember the Trinidad!

It does tend to focus the meaning of the phrase "race to the bottom".
Posted by: Halliburton - Mysterious Conspiracy Division   2013-01-26 12:35  

#3  You started this, Shipman. Don't try to worm out of it.
Posted by: SteveS   2013-01-26 12:31  

#2  That 1/4 Squadron of Teredos got 'em!

I can say no more, I must clam up.
Posted by: Shipman   2013-01-26 12:08  

#1  Should do couple more things like this...
Posted by: Bright Pebbles   2013-01-26 11:52