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Home Front: Politix
Shockingly Not Shocking: Obama Didn't Write Inaugural Speech Libs Have Been Drooling Over...
"It was one of the hardest speeches I've written," Favreau said.
Of course. It's been the better part of a century since presidents wrote their own speeches. That's what clever wordsmiths like Peggy Noonan are for. Although if that was one of the hardest speeches Mr. Favreau has written, perhaps he'd better go in for additional training.
Forgive him, he might be right: given the stifling, pedantic mush Champ has been pushing these last few years, it just might have been the hardest speech Mr. Favreau has ever written. How many different ways can you cut up your opponents and offer free stuff to your supporters?
If Peggy Noonan is a clever wordsmith, then Alejandro the MS-13 tagger is a poet laureate.
She must be a clever wordsmith, because she most certainly isn't a clever thinker, poor dear. Fortunately, she'll never notice there's a difference.
She must be a clever wordsmith, she gets invited to all the right parties...
Posted by:Uncle Phester

#5   So I will move on.

Dear Shipman, it's just like the fact that I don't like the taste of beer means there's more for everyone else at the table. Enjoy!
Posted by: trailing wife   2013-01-25 20:05  

#4  This may be the wrong place to discuss my Peggy Noonan crush. So I will move on.

Posted by: Shipman   2013-01-25 17:32  

#3  Obama and Beyonce. Did they both lip-sync? Milli Vanilli duo?

Do any Presidents write their own speeches these days?
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-01-25 11:44  

#2  That speech was so aweful, obviously el gigantor didn't write it, this jellyfish did, and it was perfect he says.

Except everyone noticed that it was the exact same as '09 with the sentences flipped about and words italicized. In English class they would have called it plagerizing.

Noonan is the Stanley Cup of drunken liberal thinkers; the Stephen King of op-wine.
Posted by: swksvolFF   2013-01-25 10:51  

#1  Nor surprising.
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2013-01-25 08:21