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Africa North
French planes destroy Islamist bases in Mali
[FRANCE24] French warplanes destroyed two Islamist bases in northern Mali as a leading Al-Qaeda-linked group in the region split Thursday, with the breakaway group saying it wanted talks to end the French-led offensive against the myrmidons.

The bombing raids overnight targeted Ansongo, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the town of Gao and bully boy bases in the nearby village of the Seyna Sonrai, a Malian military source said on condition of anonymity.

"French military planes successfully attacked Islamist positions at Ansongo and nearby areas," the source said. "The strikes were very successful and caused damage to the enemy."
Posted by:Fred

#4  Commonly done in that part of the world. Quickly accomplishes three things: (1.) Rids the region of trouble makers. (2.) Sends strong message to local survivors. (3.) Forces survivors to pack up and move elsewhere.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-25 16:38  

#3  Considering the value of water in Mali I would be skeptical about the body dump in the well. That would REALLY PO the locals.
Posted by: tipover   2013-01-25 16:30  

#2  That provided employment for thousands of orphan bunnies.
Posted by: Shipman   2013-01-25 16:21  

#1  Nah, they destroyed an aspirin factory that was hidden inside a baby milk plant.
Posted by: Glenmore   2013-01-25 07:32