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The Donald slams pubs over Cliff vote
Donald Trump criticized Republicans Tuesday, tweeting that they "may be the worst negotiators in history."

The billionaire real estate mogul's harsh words for the GOP concerned the last-minute fiscal cliff deal, which was brokered by Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) late Monday night. Trump -- a Republican who's not shy about criticizing Democrats or President Barack Obama -- said "Republicans got nothing" in the deal.
Posted by:Besoeker

#2  Put another way, the SSSSHHHH FASCISTS = NATIONAL SOCIALISTS lost to the SSSSSHHHHH COMMIES = GLOBAL SOCIALISTS, National Sovereignty lost to Globalism, Republicanists to the Unionists/Internationalists, ..... ....@etc.

Was not "Globalism" + OWG/GG + "Communitarianism/
Communalism" what the post-Cold War GOP-DEMS striving for, SO WHY IS THE GOP SURRENDER ON THE "FISCAL CLIFF" + OTHER A SURPRISE???

Please don't tell me that the Global Bolsheviks intended their "serious" marriage wid the Global Mensheviks [polygamous = Radical Islam = God-sheviks = TheoSocialists] to last forever!?
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2013-01-02 20:11  

#1  Yuval Levin OTOH thinks the Dems didn't get much.

Posted by: lotp   2013-01-02 12:15