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Israel eases restrictions on Gaza
[Dawn] Israel on Monday dropped its five-year ban on construction materials crossing into the territory and raised hopes there that rebuilding could begin following a damaging eight-day Israeli air campaign.

The easing of restrictions is an outgrowth of the cease-fire that ended the Arclight airstrikes and months of daily rocket fire from Gazoo at Israel.

Contacts mediated by Egypt to follow up the truce produced the result, and Israel promised to keep easing the lives of Gazoo's 1.6 million residents, as long as Israelis were no longer targeted by rocket fire by Gazoo bad turbans. How long the new arrangement holds could serve as a test case for the brittle truce between the bitter enemies.

It also reflects a new power equation, with neighbouring Egypt under the control of the Moslem Brüderbund, the parent group of Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason,.
Posted by:Fred