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Car bomb hits Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, 10 killed
[Iran Press TV] At least ten people have been killed in a boom-mobile kaboom in the Yarmouk Paleostinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital, Damascus.
...Capital of the last remaining Baathist regime in the world...

Many others have been also injured in the blast, which occurred near a bakery on Tuesday.

The densely populated camp has been under siege for weeks as a result of festivities between different turban groups operating inside the camp, and the residents are suffering from food and fuel shortage.

...back at the argument, Livia grabbed for Jane's hair to make her point. Jane elbowed her in the face in rebuttal...
a number of hard boyz have been killed during festivities with Syrian troops in Damascus suburbs.

There are also reports of festivities between the Syrian army and the foreign-backed hard boyz in several other parts of the country, including Aleppo.

Syrian authorities have temporarily closed the international airport in Aleppo due to repeated turban attacks against civilian aircraft.

"There have been continued attempts by opposition hard boyz to target civilian aircraft, which could cause a humanitarian disaster," an official at the airport said, adding that the airport would be closed for a "very short period of time."

There are also reports of festivities near Ming airport in Aleppo.
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