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Africa Horn
Brawl mars Somali parliament session today
[Shabelle] A session of the Somali parliament in Mogadishu was marred today by a brawl among the law makers after they had disagreed over debate about the next budget of the government and the number of Somali diplomatic missions abroad.

The session, which opened 10:00 am in the morning with speeches by members of the parliament, started well before discussions heated up.

One of the key discussions was about the number of embassies the country should have in overseas and a pay rise in the salary of the government soldiers, says our correspondent at the parliament Ali Ahmed Abdulle, who was reporting from the parliament.

"I have seen some of the law makers being separated after their debate turned into noise and nearly into scuffle'' said Abulle.

After that, the session was suspended by the leadership in the parliament and said that the parliament would resume its session tomorrow.
Posted by:Fred