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Four vaccination workers gunned down in Karachi
Four female Pakistani polio vaccination workers have been gunned down in Karachi. The victims were reportedly working with a UN-backed program to eradicate polio. The attacks took place in three separate locations in the city.

No group has taken responsibility for the shootings, but the Taliban has previously issued threats against the polio drive.
Posted by:ryuge

#10  I'm pretty cool with restricted visitors and immigrants from Pakland. Next country up for a ban?
Posted by: Frank G   2012-12-18 21:16  

#9  RC

I thought you were advocating quarantining only the areas with obvious infection.

That wouldn't work because people infected don't show it.

you would have to quarantine the entire country which would be logistically impossible
Posted by: lord garth   2012-12-18 20:12  

#8  It's the fact they were female AND Vaccination workers. They just couldn't resist, like boys shooting at squirrels with BBguns.

Posted by: Charles   2012-12-18 18:21  

#7  No wait!

The Paks should close the Gene Pools during the Summer. That's better, don't you think?
Posted by: Shipman   2012-12-18 16:04  

#6  The Paks should just close the pools during the summer.

Posted by: Shipman   2012-12-18 16:03  

#5  "Lord Garth" -- that's why I said to quarantine the place. They want disease? Let them revel in it.
Posted by: Rob Crawford   2012-12-18 11:59  

#4  An "infected diplomat".... the downside please ?
Posted by: Besoeker   2012-12-18 11:21  

#3  Polio is infectious - very much so.

If the disease was wipespread in Pakland, visitors there (including US citizens of Pak ancestry, NGO visitors, diplomats, etc) might become infected, even if they are careful, and once infected they could be agents of further infection.
Posted by: lord garth   2012-12-18 11:19  

#2  We impede the time honored process of natural selection at our own peril. Leave them to their well deserved misery.
Posted by: Besoeker   2012-12-18 09:42  

#1  Why are we bothering? They don't want it; quarantine their hellholes and let them stew in their own filth.
Posted by: Rob Crawford   2012-12-18 09:36