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Man suffers heart attack dancing to 'Gangnam style'
[KSAT] A father of three collapsed and died from a heart attack after dancing to Psy's "Gangnam Style" at his office Christmas party in Blackburn, England.

Eamonn Kilbride, 46, an IT manager at Thwaites brewery, had been enjoying an office party at a country club with his wife, Julie, on Saturday night. Julie Kilbride told The Sun that her husband had been on a stage dancing and making a fool of himself "entertaining everybody." Shortly after, he collapsed.

After failed attempts at resuscitation, Kilbride was rushed to Royal Blackburn Hospital, where paramedics pronounced him dead a short time later. A coroner's report indicated Eamonn Kilbride died from acute heart failure, a condition which can be exacerbated by vigorous exercise.
That's why I try never to move...
Posted by:Fred

#4  We'd better regulate Gangnam style dancing (sarc on).
Posted by: JohnQC   2012-12-15 10:53  

#3  Kind of goes along with the Rantburg story on TLC's "Best Funerals Ever" or "What Got Me Here, My Last Day"
Posted by: Au Auric   2012-12-15 05:21  

#2  Job Opening: IT Manager needed, applications now ring accepted.
Posted by: Secret Asian Man   2012-12-15 03:20  

#1  Man, they'll be talking about this party at Thwaites for the next 50 years...
Posted by: tu3031   2012-12-15 00:23