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Southeast Asia
Teacher threat greets Thai PM
Leaflets promising to continue the terrorist insurgent war against teachers greeted Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday on her visit to the deep South. The leaflets were distributed by terrorists insurgents prior to the prime minister's arrival, reading: "This war isn't over. Don't count the teachers' corpses just yet."

Ms Yingluck's visit was prompted by an increase in the number of fatal attacks against teachers in the area.

Before her arrival, the flyers were handed out in Chana, Thepha, Na Thawi, and Saba Yoi districts of Songkhla province, which border the three most violence-plagued southern provinces of Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat. The presence of the threatening leaflets came as another blow to the morale of teachers who have been shaken by the recent murders of their peers, said the chairman of the Teachers' Federation of the Three Southern Border Provinces.

Two teachers were killed in the latest attack on Tuesday, prompting the teacher's organization on Wednesday to announce that classes at 1,200 schools in the region would be suspended for two days. The two deaths brought the number of teachers killed in southern insurgency to 157.

In Pattani, Ms Yingluck held a closed-door meeting with 20 representatives of the teachers' confederation. She said she would arrange a meeting with security officials today to work on improving security measures for teachers.
Posted by:ryuge

#2  Lone Ranger -
I visited Thailand one time in 1999 (Bangkok and Chiang Mai areas) and really loved the people I met there. Since discovering Rantburg, I've made an effort to post articles about many of the terrible incidents there, so that people could get an idea of how cruel and relentless the jihad being waged there is. This situation gets so little coverage in the mainstream press. It's good to hear from someone who lives there and to get your perspective, so thanks!
Posted by: ryuge   2012-12-14 16:12  

#1  As a long-term resident of Thailand, I would like to comment on the situation in Southern Thailand.

What has been going on in the three southern provinces over the last ten years is very heinous form of ETHNIC CLEANSING that should be bringing strong international pressure against, and condemnation of the Muslim insurgency movement responsible for the atrocities. And - there is very good reason why the world needs to "wake up" in regards to this particular instance - because if this ETHNIC CLEANSING campaign is successful, it is likely to start appearing again and again across the world.

This particular ETHNIC CLEANSING campaign works like this:

1. In thee troubled provinces, Buddhists are a minority. Buddhist children - and some Muslim children - attend "normal" Thai schools. Many of the Muslim childdren attend Islamicc maddrasses.

2. The inusrgent Muslims wish to eliminate the Buddhist presence in their provinces - "cleanse" their "mini-Caliphate" off infidel Buddhists.

3. So - the strategy that the Muslims have pursued is as follows:

a. If a Buddhist resident has no children, that resident is left alone - beacuse once he or she dies, that Buddhist presence ceases to persist.

b. If a Buddhist family has children, the parents want thei children to be educated - so they send the children to school. The Muslims have adopted the tactic of murdering teachers, school administrators, and children - sometimes even entering classrooms and murdering a teacher in front of his/her students - so as to either force the "Buddhist" schools to close, or to cause the Buddhist parents to be afraid to send theiir children to school.

c. Buddhist parents will not accept their children not receiving an education - so the Buddhist families will haave no choice but to relocate out of the emabttled provinces.

This is ther ultimate in sinister covert ETHNIC CLEANSING. And - over the past ten years, more than 450 educators - mostly at primary and middle schools - have been slaughtered in cold blood - either at their schools, or on the way to or from their schools.

This is how Islam operates when it is not aggressively restrained. And - this approach is eventually coming to your neck of the woods, unless it is crushed here in Thailand.

Posted by: Lone Ranger   2012-12-14 00:58