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Southeast Asia
Schools in southern Thailand shut down again
Teachers at 1,200 schools in the southern Thailand have decided to suspend classes for two days following a spate of attacks by terrorists insurgents. The Confederation of Teachers in the Southern Border Provinces (CTSBP) decided to suspend classes after meeting school administrators Wednesday. The confederation called an urgent meeting with school administrators in the three southermost provinces yesterday after a fresh terrorist insurgent attack on teachers earlier this week.

On Tuesday, five armed men entered a school in Pattani and opened fire, killing the school director and a teacher. Last week, a teacher was also killed and another seriously wounded in attacks in Narathiwat.

Boonsom Srithongprai, the confederation chairman said security plans must be rolled out by Monday. The group also called for the transfer of both Muslim and Buddhist teachers in high-risk areas to safer locations. Schools are expected to resume class on Monday if the demands are met but teachers would take further action if nothing is done, Mr Boonsom said.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said she will travel to Pattani today to gather information and give support to people affected by the violence. She will be briefed on the situation upon her arrival at Pattani City Hall this morning.

Meanwhile, a villager, Siteerohema Sama, 70, who was wounded in a tea shop attack in Narathiwat province a couple of days ago, has died, bringing the death toll from Tuesday's attack to six. A combined force of 60 security officers yesterday combed Rangae district to hunt for the gunmen. Sawawi Putae, 20, was caught in the raid after officials discovered he was wanted for the theft of a pickup truck on Oct 18 in Yala province. Authorities believe the vehicle was to be used to make a car bomb for a local attack.
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