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N. Korea's Defense Chief Replaced with Hawkish General
[An Nahar] North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has replaced his defense chief with a hawkish general in a shakeup apparently aimed at tightening his grip over the military, a report said Thursday.
There's such a thing as a 'non-hawkish' Nork general?
Vice Marshal Kim Jong-Gak was sacked as defense minister after just seven months in office, Yonhap News Agency quoted an unnamed senior South Korean presidential official as saying.

He was replaced by Kim Kyok-Sik, a hawkish general believed to have orchestrated the North's sinking of a South Korean warship and an artillery attack on a border island in 2010, it said.

Analysts said the re-shuffle, if confirmed, was the latest in a series of top-level personnel changes ordered by Kim Jong-Un since taking over after the death of his father, Kim Dear Leader Jong-Il
... hereditary dictator of North Korea. His definition of reunification isn't the same as the definition in Seoul...
, a year ago.

"Kim has tightened his grip over the military by replacing top military generals with those loyal to him," Yang Moo-Jin, a professor of the University of North Korean Studies, told Agence La Belle France Presse.

In July, Hyon Yong-Chol, a little-known general, became chief of the general staff, a powerful post that controls the North's 1.2-million-strong military.

He replaced Ri Yong-Ho, who had been regarded as one of Kim's inner circle but was relieved of all his posts -- officially because of "illness."

Ri was a highly visible figure who helped support Kim following the death of his father, and his sudden departure sparked speculation that he might have been purged.
Posted by:Fred

#5  If Kyok-Sik has been given a top post - then it's reasonable to expect a lot more trouble from this bunch. Whatever dirty moves they can dream up ... there's a chance they will put them into play.
Posted by: Raider   2012-11-30 23:32  

#4  How would the Norks be able to localize a CVN to within 500 miles? Unless they aimed at Yokasuka of course.
Posted by: Shipman   2012-11-30 15:44  

#3  We need a 'team america' like puppet for Junior.

Perhaps dress up the Philsbury dough boy in drag.

As for the CVN - It's not unreasonable for the North Korean leadership to believe that Obama would not do anything if a missle was fired at the CVN. And if they are lucky he might confuse the issue ("Wait. don't do anything yet - I haven't decided what to do. Where's Valorie?") enough for the missile to do some damage.
Posted by: CrazyFool   2012-11-30 13:52  

#2  Indeed. A missile launch against an American CV would be a *major* propaganda coup.

Sure, it would likely|hopefully get shot down, but the Americans would not do anything about it, other than a sternly worded warning, for fear of starting a war.
Posted by: SteveS   2012-11-30 12:46  

#1  "Orchestrated the North's sinking of a South Korean warship ..." > NOT good news for the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CVN.
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2012-11-30 00:16