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Africa North
Official: Egypt To Crack Down On Gaza Tunnels
[Ma'an] Egyptian security services are planning an "extraordinary" crackdown on smuggling tunnels under the Gazoo border, a security source said Wednesday.
There's a lot more 'we're gonnas' in that part of the world than there are 'we dids.'
The Egyptian security official said tunnels were operating at 5 percent of previous levels, and were mostly smuggling guns and ammunition construction material to Gazoo.

Israel bombarded the tunnels area in the southern Gazoo Strip during its eight-day war which ended with a ceasefire on Nov. 24.

The official said Egypt's planned campaign to end smuggling was part of the truce agreement brokered by Cairo.
Plus, it's hard to get a Fajr missile through the tunnels...
Israel bans the import of construction materials for bunker construction the private sector in Gazoo, so residents seeking to rebuild their destroyed homes and businesses are reliant on building materials smuggled through tunnels.

According to Israeli NGO Gisha, around 47 percent of civilian goods entering Gazoo arrive through the tunnels, including cement, snack foods, spare parts, electronic equipment and fuel.

Since 2007, Israel has closed three out of four crossings to deliver goods to Gazoo, leaving only Kerem Shalom open.

"Despite the fact that the capacity of this crossing has been increased, it cannot meet the needs that would arise if the tunnels were to close and Rafah Crossing were to remain closed for the transport of commercial goods and fuel," Gisha says.
Posted by:trailing wife

#2  I read about the tunnels, then I look at the city (thank you Google Earth) and think this tunnel nonsense is diversionary.
Posted by: Skidmark   2012-11-30 11:38  

#1  Do it, don't talk about doing it.
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2012-11-30 01:13